My Journey into the World of Radionics

It all started about five years ago. I was reading a page on a website on alternative healing, a brief paragraph described the basics of “radionics”.   Radionics, what was that, I had up to that point never even heard the word “Radionics”.

But I was curious, so I “Googled” radionics and found a lot of information on the subject. According to what I was reading, you could take one of these radionic machines, set the dials on certain  numbers and “cure” illness, make plants grow better, analyze just about anything, and a whole lot of other things, to say  the least,  I was more than a bit skeptical, but what if it was true. I made up my mind that the only way that I was going to prove this radionic stuff to be true or a load of B.S. was to try it for myself.

I found plans on the internet on how to build my own radionics machine, I’m no electronics whiz, but I know positive from negative and know how to solder a wire together. I got my box completed and tried it out, at the time I had a sore knee, and used the radionic box to try to “cure” my knee, well in about five weeks I had no more pain in my knee, but I wasn’t convinced it was the “box”, my knee could have gotten better on its own.  I decided what I needed was a “real” radionics machine ( I didn’t have a lot of faith in my homemade one, it didn’t even have a power source, I learned later that you really don’t need one anyway.)

I found a radionics machine on Ebay, that was a real Hieronymus radionics machine, it came with a book of “rates”. When it arrived I was like a kid at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to unwrap the package and try it out.

To my amazement, some of the things I tried worked, some of the things I tried to do didn’t work too, but the more I used the radionics box and the more I read about radionics the better I understood it, and the more things that I tried worked the way I wanted them to. I knew at that point there was something to all this.  Fast forward five years, I know own and have read almost every book on radionics that has ever been published, I know own five radionic instruments, I have “balanced” a variety of illnesses ( if  you’re not a medical doctor your not supposed to use the word “cure”). I have balanced a tree in my backyard that was dying, now it is one of the healthiest trees of its type in the neighborhood.  I have used it on sick pets, my vegetable garden, and many other things that I have “experimented” on. Now most of the things that I try to do work. But I am still  learning, I learn new things almost daily about radionics, and writing this blog has helped me learn more as I hope it will help others to learn about radionics also.

I have decided to put together this website, to offer information and help to people who are unsure about radionics, people just getting into radionics, as well as share some of my ideas and observations on the subject to more seasoned veterans of radionics. Hope you find my blog informative as well as enjoyable.

Radionic treatment is NOT a substitute for orthodox medical treatment. Persons seeking treatment should always take the advice of a licensed medical practitioner first.

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6 thoughts on “My Journey into the World of Radionics

  1. Your journey is very similar to mine, because I was so skeptical first, that I build one in order to proof the contrary. But it worked and so I continued to build radionic devices as also to develop special analyzes software. I think that there is no other field of science right now that is more interesting than radionics.


    1. Do you know about vacuum tube designs? I am looking for a plan to build, to heal my cancer. Do you know about exotic coil windings? Skuttlebut from old hams and hackers reports these produce special psychotronic energies.


  2. I really appreciate your effort from the very first day till now and onward,Radionics is not an a cult science its roots are in the deep Egypt as well it were used even by all those ancient civilizations which we could not find now they used them for communication modulated by there have put lot of stuff on radionics in this blog its a great job and require much time to honor this effort. i have been in this field for the last twenty years.I really enjoy the passive as well as active application of Radionics. In passive it is equally as much effective as the active one,major roll is played by the active knowledge of radeiasthesia,one should be well conversant with that.I will try my best to remain in touch.


    1. Hi sanaulah khan. I really appreciate your comments. This blog is a labor of love for me. I have only known about radionics for about 5 or 6 years, but have accomplished a lot of really amazing things with it. I love radionics and I have learned as much as I could in the past 5 years about radionics, and I wanted to make this blog to share with others what I have learned. Many people have never heard of radionics, and I’m hoping with my blog I may be able to introduce radionics to others.


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