The History of Radionics , Ruth Drown

Ruth Drown was an American Chiropractor who studied under  Dr. Albert Abrams. Ruth Drown was a true radionics pioneer who advanced radionics significantly at the cost of her own demise.

She is credited with coining the term “radionics”. Dr. Drown also invented the “stick plate or rub plate”, she covered a flat piece of metal with a rubber material and it became part of her radionic instruments, as well as most American made radionic instruments since then.  Ruth Drown’s radionic instruments used no electricity for either analysis or balancing, although she used a small electric light bulb installed under the stick plate to warm it, as it’s easier to get a reaction or “stick” when using a warm stick plate as opposed to a cold one. She referred to her radionic system as the Homo-Vibra-Ray

Dr. Drown’s also merged radionics with photography and created what she called the Radio-Vision camera. By using a blood spot as a witness in place of an actual person, she was able to take medically accurate photographs, showing not only internal organs but also the disease affecting them.

Dr. Drown made some amazing discoveries in the field of radionics, but perhaps her most famous discovery was that patients could be diagnosed and conditions balanced at a distance using only a spot of the patient’s blood as a witness, no matter where the patient was in the world. radionic practitioners still use witnesses to analyze and balance subjects at a distance.

By the year 1951, Dr. Drown was the most well-known radionics researcher/practitioner/inventor in the United States, which made her a prime target for the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration). They (the F.D.A.) wanted Dr. Drown out of the picture, they also wanted to make an example out of her to discourage anyone else with any ideas about radionics.

Dr. Drown was charged by the F.D.A. with fraud in 1951 on a technicality.  So-called “expert witnesses” testified that  Dr. Drown’s devices had nothing to do with “radio”. despite testimonies from numerous patients of Dr. Drowns on the effectiveness of her radionic work, she was convicted of “fraud” and “medical quackery” all of her radionic equipment was seized and destroyed and she was sentenced to time in prison, which she served. By the time she was released from prison she was ill and died a short time later in 1966.

This is another tragic example of a “witch-hunt” by the “establishment” who “crucified” a genius, a humanitarian, an inventor who was Ruth Drown. After Ruth Drown’s conviction, the use of radionics on humans had become illegal in the United States and is to this day. The only “legal” use for radionics in the U.S.A. is in agriculture or use on animals.

This is a sad story of a woman who was well ahead of her time, and who was severely persecuted by the “vested interests” at not only her expense but of the expense of the general public. Ruth drowns story reminds me of a biblical quotation: Mat_7:6 ” Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

Dr. Drown’s    Homo-Vibra-Ray                                          Dr. Ruth Drown                                                               

DrownRVconsole                                     RuthDrownportrait


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