How Does Radionics Work ?

I chose to title this blog in the form of a question “How Does Radionics Work” because most people would ask that question once they find out what is possible with radionics. I will try to answer that question to the best of my ability. Someone once said that”you don’t really understand something until you can explain it to someone else so they understand it”, so here it goes.

The first truth that you have to understand if you want to understand how radionics works is: “Everything is energy”.   It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about animal, vegetable or mineral, everything has an energy field around it, also called an Aura. Most people cannot see this energy field, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, in fact, it is the most powerful energy in the universe. Semyon ,Davidovich ,Kirlian  invented a way to photograph the aura. Because everything has this energy field, we live in a “sea of energy”. This energy has been called different names by different people through the years, such as ether, life force, subtle energy, prana, the spirit that moves through all things, Chi, as well as many other names. An analogy of this energy field is a wire with electricity passing through it, a magnetic field is created around the wire, this magnetic field can be detected and measured with special electrical meters. Another analogy is radio waves of frequencies. I don’t care where in the world you may be, the air is filled with radio waves of many frequencies or vibrations, you can’t see them, but if you had a radio, you could tune into them and listen to the music being played or whatever is being talked about, if you didn’t like what was on one station you could tune into another frequency or radio station.


The Auras


Kirlian photograph showing the aura or energy field around the hand

What someone who is able to  use a radionic instrument can do  is “tune in” to the frequencies or vibrations emanating from whatever the radionic practitioner wants to analyze ( in radionics these frequencies are called rates), and by doing this determine many things such as the health of a person or animal, the right type of fertilizer for a certain kind of ground and or seed, if there are any detrimental energies in a house, the location of a missing person or object and many other things, but not only can the radionic practitioner “tune in” to these subtle energies, but in the case of something that’s undesirable such as a disease alter the energies emanating from the disease, send the energy back to the disease, and eliminate the disease.

Conventional science has a problem with radionics because in their “Newtonian mechanistic and materialistic” view of the universe there is no way that radionics could work, and if they can’t explain how something works, or it’s “too far” outside their “pigeon holed” idea of the universe, they say it doesn’t work. But the important thing is that radionics works and works miraculously well at times despite the view points of “modern science”, although science is slowly starting to realize in quantum physics that maybe there is more to the universe than what we thought.

Everything is made up of molecules which are made up of atoms, which are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, which is energy. Not only that but these subatomic particles vibrate at a different rates or frequencies of vibration.


The Atom


In using a radionics instrument to analyze your cat for example. You could use analysis sheet, which has a different rate for each organ in the cat’s body, as well as a rate for most common illnesses or conditions, and a rate for the cat’s General Vitality, which is sort of the sum or average of the cat’s health. A healthy cat would have a higher General Vitality than a sick cat. A healthy organ would have a higher intensity than one that is not healthy. Each disease also has its own rate. Getting back to the cat, if you found for example that you got an intensity reading for Congestion ( all negative conditions such as congestion should read zero intensity) You would then go on to find out where in the cat’s body the congestion exists, we’ll say you found out the congestion is in the cat’s colon that would probably mean your cat is constipated. While you were analyzing the cat, you were checking the emanations of energy from all the cat’s systems, in this case, you found congestion in the colon. Congestion is a condition and the colon is a location each having its own vibration,  frequency or rate.

To balance this condition out of the cat in the above paragraph, you would put the rate for congestion of the colon on your radionic machine and balance the condition out of the cat. When you begin broadcasting this rate to your cat by turning your radionic instrument on or not ( a radionic instrument will broadcast whether or not there is electricity going to it, the electricity just amplifies what you are broadcasting, making balancing times shorter) you are sending energy of the condition back to the condition, in this case, congestion, in the form of scalar waves  but “out of phase” which cancels out the energy radiating from the condition, and the condition is eliminated.


Top wave is the energy from the illness. Bottom wave is the same energy being broadcast back to itself out of phase canceling the energy of the illness.



I should explain a couple of terms I used in the above paragraph. Which are “out of phase” and “scalar waves”. Most radionic instruments are built to broadcast “out of phase” which means they automatically take the energy from a disease or condition and send it back to the disease rotated at  180 degrees in the form of a scalar wave, which cancels out the disease or condition. The famous opera singer of the early twentieth century Enrico Caruso was able to demonstrate this with a wine glass. He would tap a wine glass and hear the sound ( which is a vibration or form of energy) coming from it, he would then raise the pitch of his voice until he “sang” the same note as was produced by the wine glass. The vibration or energy being sent back to the wine glass by Caruso’s voice would cause the glass to shatter.

Another question that gets asked a lot is how do radionic witnesses work. Again because we live in an energetic universe the witness is linked to the subject or “owner” energetically.  For example, all the information about a tree can be obtained from one leaf of the tree by radionics. Distance,  of the witness to the subject, makes no difference. It works similar to a hologram, where a small piece of a hologram contains all of the information of the hologram.

Energy precedes matter. Before something is discernible with our five physical senses it already exists as a form of energy. One major application of this to radionics is that a disease condition will show up in a subject’s energy field or aura before it shows up in the physical body, and can be detected and eliminated at the energetic stage before it becomes physical, it can still be eliminated at the physical stage but it then takes more time and energy to get rid of it.

6 thoughts on “How Does Radionics Work ?

  1. Great way of explaining radionics.
    I never heard of radionics before…..I was watching a chiropractors lecture on the web from Dr. Randy Tent from Michigan …..that got me searching…!!


    1. Yes, John most people haven’t heard of Radionics, that’s why its been called ” The secret art” . But the things that you can do with Radionics, is mind blowing, it will make you reevaluate everything you have been taught, and think you know.


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