Potentizing With A Radionics Machine

When you make a potenization using a radionic machine or instrument you are transferring an energy pattern from a rate or substance into a substrate, usually water which can be used in place of radionic broadcasting or can be used in place of the actual substance.

For example, if you were having a problem with insomnia, you could find the rate for insomnia which is 53-91 and potentize that rate into a test tube of water, then take a few drops of the potentization before bed instead of broadcasting the rate to yourself using the radionic machine. One example where potentizations can be valuable is in the treatment of animals, you can put the potentization into their drinking water instead of trying to get them to take a pill or medicine, which can sometimes be difficult.

Potentization is very similar to Homeopathy discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In Homeopathy a substance usually a plant is diluted in water over and over again and violently shaken a process called succussion so that not one molecule of the original substance remains in the homeopathic remedy only the energy pattern of the substance is left. In many cases the more diluted the homeopathic remedy the more potent it is, which is completely opposite to what conventional medicine believes, but they work in the physical realm, not the energetic realm.

The thing that makes radionic potentization superior to homeopathic remedies is with radionics you can make a potentization for a particular person, plant or animal.

There are a few rules that should be followed when potentizing.

  • Never potentize a biologically active system, for example, people, animals, living plants.
  • Most non-living substances can be potentized.
  • To “hold” and energy pattern in water, place a couple drops of brandy in the water before making the potentization.
  • Make sure that everything that is being used for the potentization is clean. Any contaminants, fingerprints, etc will be transferred to the potentization.
  • The best containers to use for making a potentization are Pyrex or Kimax glassware.
  • When taking a potentization, place the specified amount of drops under the tongue.
  • You can use other substrates to potentize into besides water such as vitamin tablets, lactose tablets, pet food, gems and crystals, many substrates can even be potentized with their own energy to increase their energy, farmers have used this technique for seeds and fertilizer.
  • The substrate being used should be checked for contaminants prior to using it for the potentization using the rates (49.25-49.25) and (48.75-48.75) which are the rates for chemical and metal poisons respectively. If it is found that these readings exceed 50 on the intensity dial, the poisons should be balanced out of the substrate. If they cannot be balanced out do not use the substrate.
  • Some radionic potentizers have a switch that gives you a choice of potentizing “out of phase” or “in phase”. If you are potentizing “out of phase” you are taking energy out of something or creating an “energetic opposite”, and if you are potentizing “in phase” you are putting energy into something or creating an “energetic copy”. Always dowse to find out if you should use “in phase” or “out of phase” for a particular potentization.
  • Use distilled water for making potentizations.


Some radionic instruments have a potentizer “built-in” others have one that is separate and can be attached with wires, and as mentioned above some have the capability to potentize “in phase or “out of phase”. Some of the basic radionic instruments have no potentizer at all, but these can still be used for making Base Level Potencies as described below.

Base Level Potencies can be made with all radionic instruments that have a “stick plate”, but are especially suited to instruments that do not have a potentizer. When you make a Base Level Potency you are taking the energy from a substrate and putting that energy back into the substrate to make the substrate more potent, some farmers use this method to enhance the potency of seeds for example before planting them.

mattioda instrument

To make a Base Level Potency

  • Complete preparatory procedures
  • Place the substrate ( in this case I’ll use seeds as an example) in a test tube in the instruments well. Check the General Vitality of the substrate (9-49)
  • Place a test tube of distilled water on the stick plate
  • Set the dials on the rate bank to 0-100
  • Turn the instrument on for approximately 20 seconds (or you can dowse for a time), it usually won’t be any more than a few seconds or minutes.
  • You have now transferred the energy from the seeds to the water, now what you’ll want to do is transfer the energy back to the seeds from the water, making the seeds more potent.
  • Take the seeds out of the well, put the distilled water in the well and put the seeds on the stick plate. Turn the instrument on for about 20 seconds, then turn it off.
  • You have now increased the energy of the seeds. Check the General Vitality again (9-49) it should be higher than the first time. You can repeat this process again, and again to really increase the energy of the seeds. Dowse for how many times the process should be repeated for maximum results. I have experimented using this process with bean seeds planted in flower pots. The seeds in one pot were energized the seeds in the other pot were not energized, everything thing else was the same, same soil, same watering, the same amount of sunlight. At the end of about five weeks, the energized seeds grew to about four times the height of the unenergized seeds.

To make a regular homeopathic potency

  • Complete preparatory procedures.
  • Put the subjects witness (photo, blood spot, hair clipping, etc.) in the well of the instrument.
  • Check for appropriateness. Put the dials on one of the banks at 100-0, while turning the intensity knob and asking “is this appropriate” 0-500 is yes 500-1000 is no. You can also check to see if the witness you have is an appropriate one for the subject. Use the same procedure as above for checking appropriateness, while asking “is this a suitable witness for the subject”.
  • Check the General Vitality of the subject (9-49) Write down the number.
  • Now put the rate that you want to make the potentization for on one bank. If you are putting more than one rate into the potentization, put that on the other bank if you have one. You usually can potentize 5 or 6 rates or substrates into one potentization, but it’s best to dowse while asking”how many potentizations can I put into this liquid, vitamin, etc.
  • Now put a test tube of distilled water to which a couple drops of brandy has been added into the potentization well.
  • If your potentizer is equipped with a in-phase and out of phase selector switch, dowse to find out if the potentization should be made in phase or out of phase. Mentally ask “should this potentization be made in phase” 0-500 is yes, 500-1000 is no. Now ask “should this potentiation be made out of phase.” 0-500 means yes, 500- 1000, means no.
  • You now have your witness in the well, your test tube of water and brandy in the potentizer well, the rate or rates you want to potentize into the water on the banks of the instrument. While slowly turning the knob on the potentizer and rubbing the stick plate mentally ask “What is the ideal rate of potentization, correlated to this individual for this potentization”. Stop when you get a stick.
  • Now find the potentizing time using the instruments intensity dial and rubbing plate. ( Dowse asking  “Should the potenization time be in seconds?” If the answer was NO , dowse the same question but this time ask “How many minutes should I potentize this rate into this liquid for this subject”) You can mentally change the intensity dial to measure anything you want in this case we are measuring seconds and minutes. When doing potentizations rarely do you need to potentize for more than a few seconds or a minute or two at a time.
  • Take the photo out of the well. Turn instrument on,  potentize for the required time, turn the instrument off.
  • Put the photo back into the radionic instruments well. Check to see if there is another potentization rate you can use with the dial on the potentizer, also, check for potentizing time as described above.
  • Take the photo out of the well, turn the radionic instrument and potentizer back on for the required time.
  • Now you have your potentization. When the potentization is put into the radionic instrument well along with the subjects witness it should raise the subjects General Vitality. If the potentization was made to treat a specific condition such as depression for example. If the rate for depression is put on the instruments bank (60-29) the intensity of depression in the subject should drop when the potentization is put in the well with the subjects witness. If the intensity of the condition does not drop or goes up or the subjects General Vitality doesn’t go up but goes down, don’t use the potentization. There is something that you did wrong, start over.
  • If the potentization is good, now it’s time to determine the dosage. Do This By mentally asking “How many drops of this potentization should the subject take per dose” While at the same time turning the intensity dial and rubbing the stick plate, stop when you get a stick. ( The intensity dial now mentally reads from 1 to 10). Say you got a stick at 3, that means you take 3 drops per dose. Now using the above procedure dowse for “how many doses per day” Say you got 2. Now ask  “for how many days” Say the answer is 5. That means that you take 3 drops per dose, 2 times a day for 5 days.
  • At the end of 5 days check the intensity of the condition as well as the General vitality again, the condition’s intensity ( in this case depression) should be lower and the subjects G.V. higher.

This is basically how radionic potentization works. I used the above example of using a potency to get rid of a negative condition such as depression, but potentizing can also be used for adding positive energy to a subject. For example adding Plant Light Force (43-43.50 ) To a plant.

Wikipedia’s definition of Samuel Hahnemann Homeopathy:

Following up the pioneering work of the Viennese physician Anton von Störck, Hahnemann tested substances for the effects they produced on a healthy individual, presupposing (as von Störck had claimed) that they may heal the same ills that they caused. His researches led him to agree with von Störck that the toxic effects of ingested substances are often broadly parallel to certain disease states,[15] and his exploration of historical cases of poisoning in the medical literature further implied a more generalised medicinal “law of similars”.[16] He later devised methods of diluting the drugs he was testing in order to mitigate their toxic effects. He claimed that these dilutions, when prepared according to his technique of “potentization” using dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking), were still effective in alleviating the same symptoms in the sick. His more systematic experiments with dose reduction really commenced around 1800-01 when, on the basis of his “law of similars,” he had begun using Ipecacuanha for the treatment of coughs and Belladonna for scarlet fever.

9 thoughts on “Potentizing With A Radionics Machine

  1. This is only partially true: “the more diluted the homeopathic remedy the more potent it is”.

    A homeopathic remedy is made by “dynamization”, succussion of water and applying kinetic energy. In the case of radionic remedies you need “energy” too in form of time and intention.


  2. Dear Peter
    I am not an expert in Homeopathics, I specialize in Radionics, but the statement that I made “the more diluted the homeopathic remedy the more potent it is”. is true according to the Natural Center for Homeopathy, here is a quote from their website “Perhaps the most remarkable fact about potentization is that remedies become more powerful as they reach higher potencies. In other words, the more dilute a remedy, the stronger it is.” Here is a link to their website


    You are correct when you state “In the case of radionic remedies you need “energy” too in form of time and intention”.


    1. Hi Carl,

      thanks for the link. Indeed the website states that “It is a series of dilutions and agitations” and “diluted and succussed”. The agitations (succussion) is the “energy” you invest.

      Best regards


  3. I I need to find a machine or someone who will potenize some vibrations remedies I have.
    Can you do this for me?


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