Clarity of Intent in Radionics and Dowsing

Clarity of intent or focus is critical to radionics as well as dowsing. Clarity of intent or focus is having your mind “tuned in” to what you are trying to do, or the question you are asking. If you are confused, stressed out, worried or preoccupied with something else the results you get are going to be just as confused, ambiguous, or totally wrong.


When either dowsing or using a radionic instrument, keep your questions short and to the point, for example if you were having pain in your right foot instead of asking something like “ I have a pain in my right foot, and I don’t know what is causing it, and I want to know what is causing it” That question is too long and not to the point. The question should be stated something like this ” What is the major problem with my right foot“. Of course you would be turning the dials of your radionic instrument until you get a stick while asking this question. Then once you have found the rate for the major problem you could continue and ask ” How many problems are there with my right foot” while turning the intensity dial, if your answer is 2, you could then ask “What is the second problem with my right foot“. You could then continue and ask ” What is the cause of the major problem with my right foot” and so on.

As you can see these questions are direct and to the point. Another very important quality in radionics and dowsing is the ability to focus on one thing at time, for example if you are dowsing to get an answer to a particular question  you want to be able to concentrate and focus on that question as much as possible without a bunch of unrelated thoughts crowding your mind for attention, an example of this would be if you dog wasn’t feeling well, and you dowsed the question using your radionic instrument ” What is the major problem with my dog” While you are doing this you should be focused on the question you are asking, I know this is sometimes difficult, because when you try to concentrate on one thing a bunch of unrelated thoughts come rushing into your mind. In the above example, you could be trying to concentrate on your dog and some random thought such as ” what will I have for dinner” or “I think it’s about time I got my oil changed in my car” which has nothing to do with your dog’s state of health.  It is helpful when it is difficult for you to concentrate on a question to write it on a piece of paper and put that in the witness well along with the witness while dowsing for the answer, don’t forget to remove it before you begin broadcasting, or you could end up broadcasting to yourself, and your dog both.


This is how the human mind works when it is undisciplined, it just keeps jumping around from one thing to another like a monkey in a cage. The downside is that it is difficult to get good consistent answers when using radionics. The upside is that the more you use radionics the more focused your mind will become because in using radionics you are training your mind to focus on one thing at a time.  Another excellent way to learn to concentrate and focus is to learn meditation, meditation will help you not only in radionics but in all areas of your life, it will help you to be calmer and to focus on a thought without having a bunch of thoughts clamoring for attention. I practice meditation daily and can highly recommend it. For those that have no experience with meditation, there is an excellent website that teaches meditation and they do an excellent job, here is the link.


Also here are a couple of free books on meditation available at HERE


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