Crafting and Potenizing an Intention

One of the great things that you are able to do with radionics is to potentize.  Potentization is very similar to Homeopathy, what you are doing is potentizing the energy of something into a substrate. That substrate could be many things, a herb, pills, vitamins, radionic rates, fertilizers, water etc.


An intention is something that you want that you can put into words, that you can write out on paper, and if done properly,  it is very powerful and the  energy of this intention can be potentized into a substrate such as water, jewelry, sand, quartz crystals, etc and carried around with you  letting the energy do its work as long as you have the potenization with   you.

The first step is crafting an intention. The intention must be 100% positive for example if you are suffering from a backache, do not write something like” I no longer have a backache, my backache is cured” that is negative…instead write “I (your full name) am so happy and grateful that all the muscles in my body are supple, powerful and strong allowing me to do whatever I want, whenever I want. With zero harm to anyone, thy will be done.” You can craft your intention for whatever it is you want, but always keep it positive.

When you have your intention completed, you can test its effectiveness with your radionic instrument, simply put the paper with the intention  in the well of your instrument, and mentally or verbally ask “what is the peak intensity of this intention” or “what is the effectiveness of this intention” while turning the intensity dial on your instrument, and rubbing the stick plate until you get a “stick”. If your intensity is crafted properly you should get an intensity of around 100 or 1000 if you add a zero to the number you get which is customary in radionics. If you get less than 100 or 1000, take the intention out and read it maybe you only need to change one or two words to get a higher intensity and make it more powerful.


Once you have an intention you like that is also high in intensity you are ready to potentize it.  Put the intention in the well of your instrument.  Next Cold-Scan for a two dial rate on bank 1. Do this by reciting your intention either in your mind or out loud while turning the right-hand dial on bank one until you get a “stick”. Now do the same for the left-hand dial.   If you have a two bank instrument do the same thing for bank two.


Now that you have the rates for your intention, put a witness for yourself ( a photo is good)into the well of the instrument along with the paper your intention is written on. Put the substrate that you want to potentize your intention into in the well of your potentizer, I like using quartz crystals because they hold energy well and are easy to carry around, but water with a few drops of brandy added, graphite, sand, jewellery also works.  Now turn the dial on your potentizer, while rubbing your stick plate and mentally thinking or verbally saying” What is the ideal potentization rate for this intention correlated to this person for this potentization” stop turning the dial once you get a stick.  Now dowse for the time to potentize, verbally or mentally ask ” How many minutes should I potentize this intention into this potentization”, while rubbing the stick plate and turning the intensity dial of your instrument, when you get a “stick” take note of where the pointer of your intensity dial is, if it’s on 10 that is one minute, if on 20 two  minutes, on 30 three minutes and so on. Most of the time the potentization time will be under three minutes. Remove your witness form the witness well( Only have your witness in the well while dowsing for potenization rates, while actually potentizing the witness should be out of the well)  Now turn on your radionic instrument and potentizer and potentize for the required time.  After that check, if there is another potentization rate you can also use as you did before, you may find that there are three or four different potentization rates you can use for the same potentization.

Now that you have your potentization finished, check your General Vitality, by putting a witness of yourself into the instrument’s witness well, and 9-49 on bank #1. Now put the finished potentization into the well of your instrument, it should always raise your General Vitality, if it doesn’t don’t use it, start over. put it in the witness well of your instrument wear or carry it on the left side of your body, as left means energy in and right means energy out.

P.S.  If you have a potentizer with an “in phase” and “reverse phase” switch, before you  make your potentization, mentally or verbally ask should this potentization be made ‘in phase” or “out of phase” while flicking the phase switch back and forth and rubbing the stick plate, where you get the stick is where you should leave the switch to make the potenization. With a positive intention or affrimation it is usually advisable to potentize in phase.

There are radionic instruments sold specifically for potentizing, such as the Kelly Replicator available HERE, but a regular radionics instrument with a potenization well will work as good.




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