Signal/Frequency Generators and Radionics

A signal or frequency generator is an electronic device or software that will generate a specific signal or frequency, most are adjustable to cover a wide range of frequencies, while others only produce one frequency, usually  7.83 Hz. or what is better known as the Schumann Resonance or Earth frequency.  You may ask, what use would one of these be in radionics.  There is evidence that specific frequencies affect living organisms in various ways.

Royal Raymond Rife spent much of his lifetime discovering how specific frequencies affect different things, he was primarily interested in how frequencies effected disease.


While there is very little written about how frequency generators can be used with radionics, I believe it gives radionic practitioners a new tool to use and opens up an exciting new area of research.

In radionics a frequency generator is used the same as a reagent. The device is connected to the radionic instrument and a specific signal or frequency is generated, then General Vitality (9-49) is checked, if the frequency raises General Vitality it is good for the subject, on the other hand, if it lowers General Vitality it is not good. On the flip side, if you were broadcasting a specific frequency to knock out a disease, and it lowered the General Vitality of the disease while raising the General Vitality of the subject it would be good to use.

Kelly Research Technologies is the only company that  I know of that makes a radionic instrument with a jack that allows you to connect a signal/frequency generator, they also sell frequency/signal generators,  In the KRT Radionics Book 3: Radionic Rates – Alpha (available HERE)  many of the thousands of rates in the book, also have specific frequencies that can be used to balance a condition  You can also download a frequency generator app onto your computer or smart phone free of charge. If you do download a frequency generator app, you will need to rig up a cord with a standard headphone jack on one end to plug into your computer or smartphone, and a BNC connector on the other end to connect to your radionics instrument (If your radionics instrument is so equipped). To make one just cut the end that goes into your ear off a cheap set of earphones, and connect BNC connector, available at any electronics supply store. If you buy a Kelly Signal Generator they also sell the connecting cord.


Kelly Signal Generator


BNC Connector



Regular headphone or earphone jack



I haven’t experimented with frequency generators, but plan to give them a try in the near future. I believe they could open up a whole new avenue of possibilities.

Below are a few downloadable e-books with many of the frequencies that Royal Raymond Rife used. To view them you need a PDF. file program installed on your computer such as Adobe Acrobat.







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