Radionics and Spectro-Chrome

While radionics is a stand-alone science, which can achieve amazing results without the help of anything else. The use of reagents often do speed up balancing time and allow the achievement of the desired results much quicker. There are many types of reagents, herbs, essential oils, intentions, different frequencies, vitamins, etc.  and one that is often overlooked…light.

There is evidence that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used colored light therapy to relieve certain conditions and illnesses.  The Greeks even named a city Heliopolis, which means “city of light” where people would go to be exposed to filtered sunlight. Dr. Edwin Babbitt wrote his book titled “Principles of Light and Color” where he wrote about using different colored lights to heal various illnesses and conditions.

In the early part of the twentieth century Dinshah Ghadiali, perfected light therapy treatment into a system he called Spectro-Chrome. He built and sold Spectro-Chrome projectors, which consisted of colored glass slides which could be used to produce twelve different colors which when directed on various areas of the body cured and or relieved illness. These projectors are very difficult to find today in good condition.

                                                    Spectro-Chrome Projectorspectro

Dinshah Ghadiali, as well as many others including medical doctors, had much success with Spectro-Chrome, in fact it worked too well, which is why the F.D.A. tried to put Mr. Ghadiali and his Spectro-Chrome “out of business”. The F.D.A. almost succeeded. After a court case which Mr.Ghadiali didn’t win, he was forbidden to sell any of his Spectro-Chrome equipment, that court order persists to this day.

After Mr. Ghadiali’s death his sons in particular Darius Dinshah continued on with his father’s legacy. Darius wrote a book titled “Let There Be Light” in which he describes how to build your own Spectro-Chrome projector complete with color slides ( for very little money) and everything you need to know to use it. Let There Be Light can be purchased on or from these vendors:

 Kelly Research Technologies

   The Dinshah Health Society


In 1979 Virginia MacIvor and Sandra LaForest wrote a book titled “Vibrations” which is about a Dr.McNaughton whos used a combination of radionics and Spectro-Chome light therapy to cure many of his patients. The book can still be found used on places such as and is very interesting reading for anyone involved in alternate healing.


To use Spectro-Chrome with radionics you have three options. One way is you can build a projector as described in “Let There Be Light” and shine the colored light indicated in the book for the particular condition into the witness well of your radionics instrument along with the witness, and brodcast to the subject . The subjects G.V should go up, and the intensity of the condition should go down. Another method is to write all of the Spectro-Chrome clors on a sheet of paper, and while slowly moving your index finger down the sheet, dowse for “What color does the subject need most” or “What color will lower the intensity of this condition” and go with the color where you get a “stick”.

Another option is to purchase a Color Reagent Set from Kelly Research Technologies, which contains all of the Spectro-Chrome colors in test tubes as well as many other colors in the form of colored beads.

Still another option is to use the rates for the Spectro-Chrome colors, which are:

Spectro-Chrome Blue 81.00-65.00

Spectro-Chrome Green 89.00-61.50

Spectro-Chrome Red 47.50-91.50

Spectro-Chrome Yellow 29.00-49.00

Spectro-Chrome Orange 39.00-41.50

Spectro-Chrome Purple 91.00-50.00

Spectro-Chrome Scarlet 63.00-63.00

Spectro-Chrome Turqouise 22.00-45.00

Spectro-Chrome Lemon 89.50-81.75

Spectro-Chrome  Violet 34.20-74.50

Spectro-Chrome Magenta  51.00-51.00

Spectro-Chrome Indigo 95.00-35.00

If you have a radionic instrument with two banks you can put the rate for a color on one bank, and the condition on the other bank, dowse for brodcast time and brodcast to the subject, and or potentize the rate for a color into a potenization.

I have used the Spectro-Chrome system alone for about four years with very good results, I am looking forward to experimenting with Spectro-Chrome and radionics together. One thing that I like about Radionics is that you have a lot of options to experiment with .


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