The H’Oponopono

What is the H’Oponopono you might ask? Short answer its a traditional Hawaiian prayer. Why is it important in radionics…because the energy from it is very good and very powerful.





                           I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you.

   The   H’Oponopono isn’t complicated, it doesn’t require any study to learn, but the H’Oponopono can be used as a powerful reagent in radionic work. Perhaps because it is so pure and true is why it is power-full.

So how do I use the H’Oponopono you may be asking. Simple.  You can write the H’Oponopono on a piece of paper, and put it in the witness well of your instrument along with the witness of your subject. Whatever the General Vitality of the subject was before it should be higher now, also if the subject has an undesirable condition the intensity of that should have dropped.

You can also potentize the H’Oponopono into a substrate, such as a quartz crystal, jewelry, a Black Onyx bracelet that are made for potentizing energy into and then wearing (just type “black onyx energy bracelet” into google) or potentize a test tube full of sand or graphite with the H’Oponopono. You can also use a test tube of water that a few drops of brandy have been added to hold the energy ( water alone usually doesn’t hold energy very well)

The actual rates for the H’Oponopono are




If you have a radionic instrument with three banks, put one of the above rates on each bank, and you’re good to go. If you have a two bank instrument, put the two first-rates on each bank, potentize them into your potenization. Next, put the remaining rate on one of the banks and potentize that rate into your potenizaion. With a single bank instrument, you’ll have to do one rate at a time.

You  can use the H’Oponopono once it is potentized as reagent or you can carry it with you ( If you carry it carry it on your left side, energy goes in on your left side and out on your right side, and the energy from the H’Oponopono is an energy that you want going in)

Give it a try, just use it on a piece of paper and see if it doesn’t raise your General Vitality.

I can’t take credit for discovering the H’Oponopono. It was given to me by a master of radionics by the name of Marty Lucas in Iowa. Marty has a website devoted to radionics, with some very useful information as well as radionic equipment, here is a link to his website.

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