General Vitality (9-49) What Does it Really Mean

If you’ve read any radionic books, took a radionic course, read anything on the internet about how to do radionics,  looked at a radionic analysis sheet you have no doubt came across the General Vitality rate of 9-49, but what does it really mean.

Well first and foremost General Vitality or G.V for short, is a benchmark, to which everything else is measured. It doesn’t matter if you are analyzing your dog, yourself, your crop in the field, your rose-bush, your drinking water, you start off by checking G.V.

Take yourself for example if you get an intensity of 425 for your GV is that good or is that bad, it’s neither, but everything else that we analyze that is good should equal General Vitality (plus or minus 50). The more you work on something or someone balancing out undesirable conditions, and bringing up the desirable things the higher the G.V should go.  Take an analysis sheet and analyze yourself, or whatever it is you would like to analyze, there are analysis sheets for many different things.

In a perfect world, everything on the analysis sheet that is good would equal G.V, and everything that is undesirable would equal zero. But we don’t live in a perfect world so some things that should be up to G.V may not be, and some of the bad stuff may be higher than it should be.

We’ll say that after doing an analysis on yourself you find that your stomach 77-84 is only reading 350 intensity, but congestion 40-100 is up to 245 intensity. You want to get the stomach intensity up to G.V at 425, and the condition to zero, so you balance the stomach until it’s as close to G.V as you can get it. But remember don’t overbalance an organ, dowse for balancing time, usually, it’s only a few minutes. Congestion, on the other hand, is something that’s undesirable, you can balance out the congestion all night if you want.

when you raise the intensity of the stomach and lower the intensity of the congestion your G.V will automatically go up.

But what is General Vitality? It is the overall condition of the entire system, that includes the physical, the mental, spiritual, the chakras, the Auric bodies. An analogy would be to think of an engine in a car if all the components of the engine are working perfectly together. The fuel pump is delivering just the right amount of fuel, the spark plugs are firing in perfect order, the engine is receiving the proper amount of air to vaporize the fuel, the cooling system is keeping the engine at optimum temperature. You would have a very well running engine, or to express it another way the General Vitality of that engine would be very high.


But what if just one part of that engine wasn’t working as it should, maybe one of the spark plugs wouldn’t fire, or the cooling system wasn’t working right and the engine overheated…it would bring the entire G.V. of the engine down.

It is the same with anything, get the good stuff up to G.V and eliminate as much of the bad stuff as possible and the G.V will go up.  When I first started in radionics my G.V was around 375, today it’s about 1200, and with time and patience, I probably will be able to get it up to 2000 or better.


As an added bonus, the higher your G.V  the more it takes to bring you down or make you sick, people with a low G.V usually get sick a lot, they catch colds or the flu, or have many other ailments, but the higher your G.V the more difficult it is for these undesirable things to get to you. It’s like you have on a suit of armor, and the higher your G.V the stronger your armor. I hope this helps to let you understand what General Vitality is a bit better.

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