Boosting the Power of your Radionic Instrument

You may ask, why would I want or need to boost the power of my radionic instrument? Two reasons, it cuts down on broadcast times, and you see the results of what you are trying to achieve sooner, which lets you move on to something else.

To boost the power of a radionic instrument you have various options. The first and most important option is to plug your instrument in and turn on the “AMP” switch, because a radionics instrument will “broadcast” without any electrical power, but the balancing time will be much longer. Another way to increase the power of your instrument is to ground it, not only will this make your instrument more powerful, but it also protects you. In the words of Radionics expert Marty Lucas “If the instrument is not grounded properly, that means the phase conjugate wave will dissipate into the information field of the operator”. If the instrument is properly grounded then it dissipates into the earth.”  Also T. Galen Hieronymus said that soil and the crops planted in the soil can only be balanced to the depth of the ground rod, so if you ground rod is three feet into the ground, you can treat/balance the soil to a depth of three feet, if your grounding rod is four feet you can balance to a depth of four feet and so on.

All that I have done is ground my radionic instruments, and have noticed an improvement in broadcast times. I have not tried any of the suggestions mentioned below, but leaders in the field of radionics ( Marty Lucas, Ed Kelly, Scott Ertl) use some or all of these methods so they must be good.

A few low-cost ways of boosting the power of your radionic instrument are:

Setting your radionic instrument on top of a flat sheet of granite. I know people who do this and they say it boosts the broadcast power of their instrument. You can usually pick up scrap pieces of granite at building supply stores quite inexpensively.

Another way that is claimed to increase the power of you radionics instrument is to lay three mirrors, (mirror side up) under your instrument. As I mentioned above I have never tried this, but you can buy three cheap mirrors and give it a try, let me know how it works.

Some people put a quartz crystal on the rub or stick plate to give the broadcast more “resonance”. If doing this make sure you “clean” the crystals periodically, by putting them in running water, burying them in the ground for a few days or what I do is put them in the well of my instrument and “neutralize” the energy in them

A Tensor Ring placed around a radionic instrument is said to increase its power. Here is a link to a YouTube video where Marty Lucas and Brian Besco talk about using tensor rings.

Still another way to increase the broadcasting power of a radionic instrument is to use Kelly Research Tecnologies ” Perfect Spiral Phase Array Antenna” which is reported to boost the energy emanating from your radionics instrument from 200 to 1000 times. You can read about the antenna here.


Marty Lucas of sells what he calls a “Cory Coil” here is what Marty says about it “the Cory Coil acts as a powerful antenna for radionic work and can cut balancing times by half.” Here is a link to Marty’s website.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

Some people place a quartz crystal on the stick plate of their instrument and say that cuts down on broadcasting time, also I have heard that others rub a bit of holy water on the stick plate to cut down on the broadcast time.


As I stated at the beginning of this article, I personally have not tried most of these methods of increasing the energy being broadcast from a radionics instrument, other than using the instrument with electrical power and grounding it.  You can get very good results with a good radionic instrument by just grounding it and turning on the AMP switch, but it’s fun and interesting to try to boost the power of your radionic instrument.  Some of the methods of increasing the power of a radionic instrument are low-cost others are more expensive.  I am sure that in the future I will try some or all of the methods mentioned above.

5 thoughts on “Boosting the Power of your Radionic Instrument

  1. This is a very informative blog. I enjoyed the photos and information of the vintage Radionics instruments and links to Every Advantage, Martin Lucas, and TwistedSage Brian Besco. I look forward to being informed on this blog. Thank you Carl


  2. Truly informative post. Been using the STU and Lost cubit coil with orgonite to bost multi dialed radionics for years. What is your favorite tensor cubit for radionics


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