The Shot-Gun Approach

This is a radionic technique I’ve discovered, not sure if anyone else uses it, but it works very well for me.

I call it the “Shot-Gun” approach because instead of using only one rate to get rid of an undesirable condition,  I use 6 or 8, sometimes 10 rates all for the same condition, all being broadcast at the same time. I realize this method may be slightly unorthodox, but it works and works very well in most cases.

I stumbled on it by accident, I was trying to get rid of a very stubborn case of psoriasis. I had used rates that I found in rate books, one at a time, and did notice a slight improvement in the condition, but it was still very annoying and itchy. I decided to try every rate in the book for psorasis ( or all that I can put on my radionic instruments at once). This allowed me to broadcast six rates at once, whit in a little more than a week the psorasis symptoms were almost entirely gone, in one month all signs of it were gone.

Here is how it works , we will say that your subject has a sore leg, you would first determine if the pain is caused by a problem with the muscle, the bone, the skin , ligaments, connective tissue. You can determine this by cold-scanning. In this case we’ll say the problem is a strained muscle.

You would now go through your rate books, or use your Kelly Electronic Rate Book, and type in muscle, or if using a physical rate book, look up muscle, you will find many rates, in this case I will choose three, which are “Pain Muscles 8.00-41.00” and I would try “Muscle Conditions, Muscle Congestion 40:00-42:00″and “Muscle Conditions, Muscle Spasms 71-19:50” if you get an intensity reading you can use these rates, and or try others.

I would then find rates for “Pain” there are many of them, I would try “Pain Muscles 8:00-41:00” or “Pain 8:00-97:00” or “Pain Ease 16:00-4:80”. You could also use some of the rates for inflammation. One thing that I do a lot is if I know the condition, in this case “Pain” and put the rate for pain which is 8:00-97:00 on one bank of my instrument and cold-scan or set-scan using the bottom bank for the ” Number 1 major location in the subject’s body for pain”. If using  one-bank instrument I put the “single-dial rate for pain which is 79:5 on the left dial , and cold-scan using the right dial for the location. Also if you know the location but not the condition you can cold-scan that way also.

With “The Shot-Gun approach” you’re not limited to just one rate, your only limited by the number of banks you have, in my case I can balance the subject with as many as ten different rates at the same time, and I find that it works well in most cases.  Be sure to dowse for “Appropriateness at 100-0”, before balancing the subject, anytime you broadcast to a subject you should always check for Appropriateness, if you get a NO, you shouldn’t broadcast , something isn’t right, mabey if you tried other rates, or checked Appropriateness at another time, you may get a YES and also check for balancing time, and don’t exceed it. Also at the end of the balancing time check the intensity of the condition or conditions, they should have dropped dramatically, if not there might be something that you are missing, or maybe you’re not using the right rates, you can dowse these questions also “Is there something I’m missing” and ” Am I using the correct rates”

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