When What Your Doing Isn’t Working

Everyone of us that uses Radionics, occasionally will tackle a stubborn problem that just doesn’t seem to want to go away.  Even “Radionic Guru’s” run into this once in a while.

It could be an agricultural problem you are dealing with, a pet, or more times than not, trying to balance an undesirable condition out of a person.

When faced with this problem, check the simple things first, Is the witness that you’re using suitable,  Run an analysis sheet on the subject , is there anything low that should be high or vice-versa. Are the rates that you are using the correct ones for the condition (you can dowse these questions for a YES or NO answer, or try different rates, for most conditions there are a multitude of rates. You can try running your left index finger slowly down a sheet of paper with the rates for the condition you are trying to balance, while rubbing the stick plate on your radionic instrument, with your right hand and thinking “What is the best rate to use for the condition I am balancing in this subject” When you get a stick , look at where your index finger is and use that rate, you can also check for other rates to use this way.

Check for Aura Distortion (43-28) which should be at zero, next Check for Aura Coordination (37-22) , which should be equal to General Vitality. If the Aura is out of balance, balance it on (43-28) to get Aura Distortion down.

Blocks To Healing is something else to check when things just don’t seem to be working. In radionics we aren’t just working with the physical, we are also working with the spiritual, and the emotional, so if there is a blockage in any or all  of the three realms, the subject may not improve very much until these blocks are removed. The Rates for these blockages are:

Blocks to Healing  41.75-56.25

Emotional Blocks to Healing   60.5-97

Physcial Blocks to Healing  95-30

Spirtiual Blocks to Healing  3-87

Try all of these rates on your radionic instrument, if you get an intensity reading for any or all, balance them out.

Karmic Debt To some people this may sound way out there in left field, but when faced with a stubborn case, it certainly doesn’t hurt to check for it, in case the subject does have a Karmic Debt that is keeping them from being well. The Rate for Karmic Debt or Release Karma is:  58.25-76.25, if present balance it out.

White Light should equal a subject’s General Vitality, if not balance using the rate 12-22.

Activated Shell,  again this is going to sound way out there to some people. it is when a negative entity or spirit takes possession of a living being. You can check for this with the rate 74-64, if found balance it out.

It is also beneficial to broadcast Unconditional Love (33-33.50) to your subject as well as the Ho’Oponopono, a simple, but powerfull Hawaiian prayer which means “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” The rate is a three bank rate at : (51.75-97) (14-12.25) ( 82.75-39).

Another thing that can be done to balance out a stubborn condition, is to check to make sure the condition isn’t manifested in one of the Auric Bodies. We are working with energy here, and may be trying to balance out a condition in the Physical Body, but the condition may be lingering in one of the Auric Bodies. Checking and Balancing the Auric Bodies is explained HERE.

The Spirit of Love is a two-dial rate at (87.2 – 59.5)( 52.75 – 43.4), it is a very beneficial healing energy pattern that will raise General Vitality, clear up many non-benifical energy issues. Radionic expert Marty Lucus uses it in almost all radionic broadcasts.

As mentioned before, in radionics we are working in physical, spiritual, and emotional fields, unlike allopathic medicine that concerns itself mainly with the physical body, which is why with radionics we can explore areas that could hold the key to balancing a undesirable condition out of a subject.

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