Dark Force Rates

It is nice to believe that the world is made up of sunshine and lollipops and everything good, but such isn’t the case, and we are only fooling ourselves if we believe this. There are “Dark Force Rates” The next few paragraphs are taken from an excellent book on Radionics by the late  Donald Mattioda, a very skilled radionic practitioner. This is what he had to say about Dark Force Rates`

“The Dark Force Rates usually respond to treatment very rapidly. They tend to be psychic type negative thinking sent from those around us. Everytime you think a thought you create matter. Everytime you think a negative thought you create matter that draws energy from you and everything it touches. This is why it’s so important to stop being negative. Just don’t become emotional about the negatives that  are out there because when you start putting out the negative energies, it’s like stepping in a mud puddle with your boots on, yes you can get across the puddle without getting dirty.

In spiritual training two of the most important things that you have to overcome are you must stop negative talking and negative thinking. Start by working with negative talking, it is easier to stop negative talking than negative thinking. it is very hard to stop negative thinking. It takes special training.

Never become emotionally involved with anything negative, don’t give it energy. Keep it in the intellectual body only. Don’t let it get into the emotional body. We are going to talk about things that we create with negative thinking. The stronger the emotional charge attached, the longer the balancing on the  rate will be. Usually people do not hold a permanent grudge, but to just think an unkind thought in response to a singular incident in an interpersonal relationship draws on your own Life Forces. It is negative thought.

The Dark Force Rates can literally “chain” one’s Life Force Energy. The rate for White Light is 12-22. The ratio of White Light to Dark Forces should be 10 to 1. The five Dark Force Rates are:






These rates should all read zero. Balance these rates if they are present. Everytime you think a negative thought you create these patterns. These patterns will resonate in wood , metal, carpets or any material. Did you ever walk into a place and fell uncomfortable? What you were feeling were negative vibrations that are held in a kind of space. Through unconditional love you can get rid of them. Most people are not capable of doing that yet, but we are working on it.

How do you get rid of these negative rates or forces? You take a picture of the area and check the rates, if any are over zero you scan for a time and balance them out. That gets rid of the negative vibrations.

when a car goes through an assembly line, at least one person “curses it” . That “curse” is resonating in the plastic and metal. Take a picture of the car and balance on the rate and you cancel the negative vibrations. This is negativism that we (humans) create. You know you get angry at someone and think a negative thought and let it go. When you put more emotion into it, it gets stronger.

If you ever feel bad, don’t build a radionics machine at that time. The negative energies will be impinged into the instrument and it could cause problems to the operator and the person or subject being balanced. I personally clear or balance the negatives in my instruments. It is assumed others do likewise,. but don’t be afraid to ask.

When you are building a new house and the worker  hits his finger with the hammer, he curses. The negative energies are left behind in the house. that vibrational pattern is in the wood. Balance it radionically. This is why when they build a new church, they consecrate it. They are getting rid of all the hit hands and stubbed toes. Once a house is cleaned out people don’t want to leave it because it  “feels good” in there. It changes the environment.

anytime someone takes drugs or alcohol, their Auric field collapses. They then become susceptible to all negative energy surrounding them Whenever someone goes to a hospital, the recuperative time is extended because of all the negative energy in hospitals. The two worst places I know of that are high in negative energy are bars and hospitals. If you could see into the Etheric world , these places are covered with negative energies and/or entities. In some cases even churches are loaded with negative energies. Don’t try to fight the negative energies in a place ( churches included) just leave.

Examples of dealing with negative energy are:

If a person is going to court, take a picture of the court-house and balance the dark forces. It is then very difficult for anyone to be unfair in a court case.

Some preachers balance their churches to keep out the dark forces.

Some health food store owners are aware of the dark forces and balance their stores, to provide a better environment.

In one case a person cleared the dark forces from his radio head set, and could no longer stand hard rock music.

A man moved to Phoenix, Arizona and took a picture of all the churches. He ran an intensity for White Light on each church, and joined the one with the most White Light.

These are practical applications of radionics.

There are strong emotional charges that enter into our daily lives. You simply balance. But remember, if you don’t chance your thinking  or those around you don’t change their thinking , the negative energies will creep back into the subject. Usually after running a rate sheet on your house, car , where you spend your time, run a sheet on the dark force rates and get them down to zero. It is like walking into a new building, because the negative energies have been removed.

In cleaning up your environment, work on yourself first. Then your surroundings and family. If you find negative rates high,  in other people, don’t judge them untill you have run the rates on yourself first.”

From reading the above paragraphs it is clear that Mr. Mattioda, had a very good understanding of the negative forces or powers that most people in our modern world don’t know or believe exist A very strong example of these Dark Force Rates was told to me by a person who visited the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp a few years ago, they said you couldn’t even hear a bird singing anywhere near the camp, also their was a group of school children on the tour, who were normally laughing, talking as normal kids would do. When the childern entered Auschwitz , they became very quiet and subdued, only asking the teacher an occasional question.

There is another rate I found in a book by “Pennsylvania Pete” Raditti that I use on occasion

36-36 Clear all negative energy with no harm to anyone.

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