We Are Not Physicians

Smiling doctor with tablet at a meeting

We as radionic practioners work with energy, we manipulate energy, focus energy, detect energy, change energy for good, most of the time with very positive results, sometime even unbelievable, miraculous results but we are not doctors, we do not write perscriptions, perform surgey, we do not have diplomas from medical schools on our walls. That having been said there are some doctors that use radionics in their practice with excellent results . If you are one of the doctors that use radionics in a country where it isn’t approved, check your country’s medical association, if you haven’t already ,to find out the legality of using radionics in your practice .

In some countries, radionics is an acceptable form of alternative medicine. The British Isles for example, but in other parts of the world it is frowned upon by the establishment, and you could get yourself into a lot of trouble practicing medicine without a licence. As radioninic practitioners we do not, and we never should practice medice.

One of the basic things we have to learn as radionics practitioners is to not use THEIR words, but instead use OUR words. For example they treat illness in people, we balance energies in people. They cure people, we don’t cure anyone, God, or whatever your name for The Higher Intellegence, Budda, Alla, Mohamed, Infinite Intellegence, The Power That Moves Through All Things, etc. does the work through us, we just channel , focus, and balance energy that already exists, we replace negative energy with positive energy using radionics and intent, not scapels and prescrioption pads, and pills.

Medical doctors treat and in many cases cure symptoms, radionic practioners dig much deeper and find the cause or causes behind the symptom, and work on changing those causes radionically, which also get rid of the symptom.

All the physcial illnesses in the world that doctors treat, are caused by energy blockages, negative energies, all of the sickness begins in the energy realm, which is where a radionic practitioner does his work and therefore can detect an illness in someone long before it manifests enough in the physcial for a medical doctor to detect it.

Never discourage anyone from seeing a medical doctor especially if they have a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

When someone comes to you with a condition, make no diagnosis, claims or interfere with the relationship they have with their physician. Tell them you will do what you can for them, and if you are experienced in radionics, that is usually a lot.

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