Energy Meridians and Radionics

The Meridians have been known to traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and are becoming more familiar to people in the Western world through the acceptance of acupuncture.

Meridians are also known as energy channels or energy pathways.  Think of Meridians as streams of energy that supply and energize all of the cells and organs of the body, much the same way as a stream or river that winds through the fields and forests nourishes all of the different species of wildlife, trees, crops etc. When the stream gets blocked by something such as a dam, everything downstream of the dam suffers due to lack of nourishment, in this case, water.


The energy Meridians of the body function in much the same way as the stream in the forest, when one of these energy pathways becomes blocked, some form of an undesirable condition usually follows. What the acupuncturist does is insert needles at certain points in the Meridian system to remove the blockages, which in turn allows energy to flow as it should promote wellnesses.

In radionics we are able to analyze the Meridians, and if needed balance them to optimum condition. Below is an excellent article from the book “Radionics, Book 2, Applied Radionics” .  on the Meridians. The entire book is available as a free download from Kelly Research Technologies HERE






Special thanks to Ed Kelly and all the folks at Kelly Research Technologies for making this information available free of charge.

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