Buying Your First Radionic Instrument

From talking to different people as well as reading comments on radionic Facebook groups, there are quite a few people, who are new to radionics that are not sure what radionic instrument to buy, which is why I am writing this blog post in order to assist those new to radionics with their choices. This isn’t carved in stone gospel, it’s just my own opinion of what has worked well for me, so take it for what it’s worth.

As I see it, with radionic instruments ( I call them instruments instead of machines, they aren’t machines, in my opinion, a food blender or chainsaw is a machine),  anyway there are the Hieronymus types of instruments,  The electronic radionic instruments such as the SE-5, and the Copen instruments . There are also the Symbolic Radionic Instruments, which are nothing more than a diagram of a circuit of a radionic instrument drawn or printed on cardboard, with a rotating dial, also cardboard. There are plans on the internet on how to build a radionic instrument using a box and a few items from an electronics parts store  I call these “cigar box instruments”) There are the Karl Weltz instruments, The computer operated radionics programs such as the CyberShaman,  Manifestor Pro etc. also a ton of so-called radionic instruments on places such as eBay, in my opinion most are glorified “cigar box instruments” or wishing machines. Will these other so-called radionic instruments work… they will, but if you want to seriously pursue radionics, and use it to balance undesirable conditions, illnesses, pathogens, parasites etc, out of yourself, other people, pets, livestock, plants etc you should get one of the three basic types mentioned above.

Each one of these instruments has their pluses and minuses. I won’t say that any one of them will work any better than the others, they all work, and people who use each type of instrument have had great successes with each type. it’s like an automobile, if you wanted to drive from New York to  San Fransisco, you could get there in a Ford, Toyota, BMW, its more about the person operating the vehicle, and the same goes with radionic instruments, but the three categories of instruments do have their differences and similarities, pros and cons, which I will discuss now.

The first type, and the type that I’m most familiar with are the Hieronymus type instruments. The reason they are called Hieronymus type instruments, is because T. Galen Hieronymus, a well-respected radionics researcher, inventor, and radionics practitioner of the Twentieth Century, took the radionics instruments that were around then and redesigned them to make them more accurate and easier to use. The Hieronymus instruments for sale today follow his design, but some have been improved upon.


KRT Personal Instrument


OK, what are the pros and cons of the Hieronymus instruments, first the pros.

  • Affordable, usually less expensive than some other types of instruments
  • A large database of rates. The Kelly Rate Book has over 10,000 rates.
  • Most can be grounded
  • Most have jacks that you can plug other radionic accessories into
  • Training classes available for these instruments
  • Very accurate, can be fine tuned
  • Most basic models today are two or three  bank, but tuning banks can be added to give you as many banks as you need.
  • Many have a built-in potentizer
  • Can be used without electricity, but when used with electricity, broadcast is amplified.
  • You can add optional accessories to most of them such as signal generators, extra-large witness wells, tuning banks, powerful antennas.
  • According to Hieronymus, his instruments, as well as all Hieronymus type instruments today that use capacitors instead of resistors are more accurate.
  • KRT Radionics offers four different models from $4750.00 for their Workstation to $1450.00 for their Personal Instrument
  • KRT sells a Windows computer program they call an “Electronic Rate Book” which is searchable, and contains over 10,000 rates.

Now the cons, fortunately I can’t think of very many cons for the Hieronymus system.

  • Some people have difficulty obtaining a “stick” using the stick pad. Most people can learn to get a stick with some practice, but for those that can’t they can use a pendulum instead, for some reason more people can get a pendulum to work for them than can get a stick on a radionic instrument.
  • The instruments built today aren’t very portable, especially if they are grounded, they are basically made to be set up and left in one dedicated location. Some of the earlier instruments were made to be portable such as the Mattioda briefcase instrument, or some of the early Hieronymus 1 bank instruments that were encased in a wooden box with a cover and a carrying handle, unfortunately these instruments haven’t been built for thirty or forty years, and the only places you can find them now are on places such as eBay.  But you can buy cases that you could put the Kelly personal Instrument in to carry it around. Would be nice if they designed Hieronymus instruments with a battery compartment, in case you wanted to power them up when away from an electrical source. That having been said you could rig up a 9 volt battery in a battery holder and plug that into the instrument for temporary  power.
  • These types of instruments are not as “technologically advanced” as some of the others, they do not have a built-in computer, some would see this as a limitation, but I see it as less things to go wrong.
                                                                                                      SE-5 1000

Next on the list is the SE-5 1000 electronic radionic instrument. Here are the pros:

  • Highly portable,  it’s small, it fits into its own case and can be taken anywhere.
  • The SE-5 1000 kit comes with almost everything that you would need to get started, including a digital camera/printer, built-in potenizer, and laptop computer depending on the package you purchase one has a laptop one doesn’t, and there are other accessories that you are able  to purchase separately,
  • You can use the Hieronymus rates, and or Base 10 rates, comes with 50 loaded programs, plus additional programs that you can purchase.
  • Has a battery compartment, so you can use the SE-5 1000 away from electrical power.
  • The SE-5 1000 company offers advanced training courses on DVD, that you are able to purchase separately.  As well as live training courses. There is also a free beginner’s  training DVD included in kit.
  • You get two hours of personal training with purchase either by Skype or phone
  • Comes with computer software and usb cord connection. Apparently you can control and set up the SE-5 1000 using the laptop as well as access many thousands of “tunings’ on the laptop.
  • You are able to run multiple rates at the same time, as well as control the length of times these rates and programs run.
  • The SE-5 100 website has a lot of information, books, videos etc.
  • Can be used independently of the laptop as a standalone unit.

Here are the cons of the SE-5 1000 system:

  •     The SE-5 1000 comes with a one year software and hardware warranty, to me that’s not a positive thing. If I’m going to buy one of these units, and spend about $5000.00 I would like it to have a longer warranty period (3-5 years). Other radionic instrument manufacturers such as KRT, will replace or repair defective equipment as long as you own it.
  • The price tag. To buy one of these SE-5 1000 kits it will cost you $4695.00 without the laptop or $4995.00 with the laptop. These prices are in US currency, and are accurate as of March 2018. I’m not saying the SE-5 1000, and all of the accessories that come with it isn’t worth those prices. What I’m saying is that many people starting out in radionics may not have or may not  want to spend that amount of money on an instrument, at first .
  • The SE-5 1000 is basically a small computer, and because it’s a sensitive electronic device, it’s not as forgiving as some of the other types of radionics instruments. Static electricity could be a problem,  also if you were doing any kind of work outdoors in damp weather, you may also run into problems.
  • The SE-5 1000 isn’t made to be grounded, as some other radionic instruments are. Some may say ” so what if you can’t ground it”. I am a firm believer that a radionic instrument should be grounded if your dong work on someone or something other than yourself. Here is a quote from Marty Lucas’s website about grounding ” If the instrument is not grounded properly, that means the phase conjugate wave will dissipate into the information field of the operator.”  Which means if the instrument isn’t grounded the phase conjugate wave and any energy good or bad will return to the operator of the instrument, which is you. Do I have proof of this…No, but grounding a radionics instrument is something that is done by many experienced operators, including me. These are available through the SE-5 1000 website

The next instruments I will be reviewing are the radionic instruments  made by CopenLabs Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

                                                                                                   Copen MK-12

The pros of the Copen instrument:

  • These instruments are well made high quality instruments
  • CopenLabs Ltd. offer four different models of radionic instruments ranging in price from $7500.00 for their top of the line “Care ND System” to their MK12 portable unit at $2600.00
  • The Care ND System comes with a laptop with the Care Program software installed.
  • Their computer database is searchable, meaning if you want to find the rates for a “Cold” you would type cold into the program and obtain all the rates in the system for a cold.
  • Care ND users get free software updates when they become available
  • Homeopathic remedies can be made with each model
  • These units have an internal memory that can store a large database of analysis/balancing information.
  • CopenLabs offer various accessories that can be purchased separately and used with their Radionic  instruments.

Now for the cons:

  • These instruments are not made to be grounded, to some that wouldn’t be a concern, to me it is. I explain the reason why in the section on the SE-5 1000.
  • I did not see any training classes offered for use of these radionic instruments on the CopenLabs Ltd. website.
  • The Copen instruments aren’t made to use the Hieronymus type rates, the same as the Kelly instruments aren’t made to use Base 10 rates. This may or may not be an issue, depending on which system of rates you prefer to use.
  • I didn’t see what kind of warranty they have on their instruments while reading their website, but there is a number that you can call for further information.
  • They are pricey, well  made, but pricey,  for a radionics newbie, the MK12 portable unit at $2600.00 which isn’t too bad for a good quality instrument.
  • According to the CopenLabs ltd. website there is a company in Mexico which sells “low quality fake CopenLabs products” Something to look out for. The Copen instruments are available through their website

The three types of radionic instruments mentioned here, the Hieronymus type, the SE-5 1000, and the Copen instruments are the most popular and most widely used radionic instruments in the world today.

The only manufacturer that I know of that builds and sells the Hieronymus type instruments in 2018 is KRT ( Kelly Reasearch Technologies). I bought two instruments from them and can say first hand they are a pleasure to do business with. Their main concerns , in my opinion are to build good quality instruments and that they have happy customers.

I have never dealt personally with Don paris and the SE-5 1000 people, so cannot say what they are like. I do own an older SE-5, which I bought used, I have used it and know it works, but prefer the Hieronymus type instruments, but that’s only my personal opinion. I know people who love using the SE-5’s

I have never bought or used a Copen instrument, the information I have on this blog about them was obtained by  reading the information available on the internet about them.

Which instrument is the best. I can’t say, it all comes down to personal preference, how much you want to spend, what you plan to do with the instrument. I mentioned before that my preference is the Hieronymus type instrument . I find it to be a good basic system that suits my needs. You may prefer the SE-5 1000, or one of the Copen instruments.  I hope by writing this blog I’ve helped you make a choice,  especially if your new to radionics.

37 thoughts on “Buying Your First Radionic Instrument

  1. Thanks you for your entrance! really usefull for people who start to getting into radionic. I’m a farmer, and I would like to buy a radionic instrument to test in the camp.
    could you point any Hieronymus instrument ? I make a search into ebay and nothing clear which instrument should I buy for this porpuse.

    Thank you very much!!


      1. Which KRT do you suggest, I am completely new and very excited. If I get the personal one will i feel limited later and wish I had bought another model? Also are there any add on that you would suggest.




      2. Yes you are right, the Kelly personel instrument is a good instrument, but if you plan on doing a lot of radionic work, you will have to buy add ons for it such as a potentizer, and the personel instrument only has two banks , so you’ll probally wat an extra tuning bank. I find the dials on the personel instrument kind of hard to see with out a magnifying glass.
        If money isn’t an object I would get the Workstation, it will cost about $5000, but it has all the bells and whistles. Another option is toi get either the Beacon or the Seeker and buy a tuning bank to go along with it , or get one later, because if you get into radionics seriously you will want more than the 3 banks on the instruments.


      3. I see a Karl Weiz RAD5 for sale on eBay for $2000 they are normally $3300, and maybe I don’t need to buy all the add ons, I’m not sure. Do you have and opinions of knowledge of these machines?

        Best Regards,




      4. Among the radionic community Karl Weiz equipment aren’t considered very good quality. I personaly wouldn’t buy a Weiz machine. You will have a much better and much more usefull radionic machine if you buy a Kelly instrument. Some people also like the SE-1000. I have an SE-5, and it does the job, but I rather use the Kelly instruments. I am not being paid to endorse tghe Kelly instruments, I own two of them and find them very good quality, and there isn’t anyone else out there that is producing a Hieronymus radionic instrument, that I’m aware of, except Ed Kelly. If you want to get into the DeLawrr thype of instruments built by Copen Labratories, I can’t say too much about them, because I’ve never used one, but I understand they are good quality.


      5. Why would you rather use the Kelly, the 1000 looks more automated and seems to be ablate do more things or am I completely wrong, which is very possible seeing as how I have no idea of what I am talking about haha. Do you know of any good instructional videos.

        Must appreciated



      6. Hi radionicenergy,

        Well it looks like I an getting a used like new Personal Instrument I’m so excited and I have been offered a new potentizer at a very good price, I wasn’t thinking of one of those as I didn’t know if I wanted to get into homeopathy, can you tell me what else this add-on does, I guess I really don’t know what the integration of both will bring to me. I want to work on myself on my advancement spiritually, (I have had many experiences over the years, but that is a story for another day). Also I have 1/2 acre of land that I want to build on and grow veggies etc. do you think it will do things that the personal can’t do buy itself?

        Best wishes.



    1. KRT now also builds a instrument which is portable and uses Malcolm Rae Cards.
      This instrument is built for Hugh Lovel at Quantom Agruculture. It is designed especially for agriculture. You could contact KRT or Hugh Lovel.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I run the Facebook group: CopenLabs Radionic Users Group and have had a close association with the company over the years I have used Copen instruments in my practice. You have clearly illustrated some great units with good reputations built over many years. I greatly respect the work that has gone into their design and development. Although I can’t speak for CopenLabs, I would like to add a few bits of update information on the CopenLabs units with regard to some of the points you raise. The Copen name has been used over the years as a seal of quality by companies who have no association with Bruce Copen at all. There was a company in Mexico that was using the Copenlabs name and Logo on their instruments and even giving Bruce’s address in Danehilll Sussex as their address. The company was asked to stop this and they complied, but it is always wise to check if you are wanting a genuine CopenLabs unit to ensure it is the UK company: you will always see the contact details at the top of CopenLabs page. The company is also registered with Companies House so that is another way of checking legitimacy. Another of the ‘pro’s’ of Copen instruments is the ability to store rates and formulas on EECS cards (in units with the EECS system) which can be erased and re-coded with up to 15 rates. This was a new innovation in radionics by Bruce Copen. With regard to the grounding issue, all Copen units that used a direct mains connection were grounded via the earth wire of the cable. The later instruments have an external adapter so the circuitry was redesigned to compensate for this which I understand involved incorporating Schumann resonance so an ‘energy link’ is made to earth in the absence of a physical one. I hope these few notes add appropriately to what is a most useful blog.


  3. I thought you would like to know that Scott Ertl is now manufacturing Hieronymous style instruments and accessories. You can contact him at for details. He is just starting out so not all of his designs are in manufacturing status just yet but soon will be, but some products are already available. You should check them out. He is manufacturing them under the Lightning name, but they are different from the old Lightning instruments which are no longer manufactured.
    The Spark radionic broadcasting pod, the Flash external tuning units, external wells, and signal generators are available. He is about to start the first run of suitcase instruments, called the Strike.
    He has 2 other insrument designs planned, hopefully to be available this summer or fall. All of his instruments may be grounded with a ground separate from the electrical ground.


  4. Does that mean they are no longer being manufactured? It would be a shame if that were so. My first instrument was a Rogers instrument. I wish I still had it.


  5. Am a good user of copenlabs instruments for up to six years now with huge success built by BARRY CRAFT and a good friend of RODNEY ROBINSON on facebook. I do firmly attest that buying copenlabs instruments is 96% assurance of it’s functionings and durabilities but procuring the copen instruments from another company that bears the same becomes a serious concern to the buyer. Please if any who intends to make purchase of copenlabs instruments can contact BARRY CRAFT- he is the owner that bears original BRUCE COPEN COMPANY others are COPIED/REFURBISH.


  6. HI
    My friend is using se-5 instrument. It has no grounding option..what is the alternative for grounding in se-5 instrument and what is the necessity for grounding a radionic instrument??

    Thank you.


    1. Hi kv I also have an SE-5, and they do not have an option for grounding. The problem with using an uingrounded radionic instrument when using it to balance energies in someone or something else, is that those energies can return from the subject in question and effect you. When an instrument is ground the returning energies are dissipated into the ground. If you are using the SE-5 on yourself only, then this is of no concern.

      There are a couple things you can do to “ground” an instrument such as the SE-5. Here is a page from my blog that explains your options

      Hope this helps


  7. Hi yesjimmy . my own personal preference is the Kelly instrument over an electronic one such as the SE-5 1000. That having been said there are some people that use the SE-5 exclusively and love it, you can store and access a bunch of rates in a computer program, and the SE-5 1000 is very portable. . The reasons I prefer the Kelly instruments is that they can be grounded, which I believe is very important to protect yourself and decrease broadcast times. You can also add more powerfull “antennas” to the Kelly instrument ( such as the “Cory Coil” to decrease broadcasting times. I find cold scanning a rate more accurate and easy with the Kelly instrument. You can also add extra lage witness well to the Kelly instrument in case you need it The last is cost for basically the same price that you pay for an SE-5 1000 you can buy the best instrument Kelly makes. There was an issue with static electricity with the old SE-5 instruments, not sure if it’s still a problem with the new SE-5 1000. I hope this helps you make a decision.


    1. Can I ask what was the issue with static electricity with the old SE-5 instruments? Please feel free to link to any existing pages if the answer is already there (I did an internet search and couldn’t find anything).


  8. Hi again, yesjimmy, I’m happy to hear that you are getting a Kelly personal instrument and a potentizer at a good price. The good thing about the personal instrument is that you can add accessories on to it when you need them, such as the tuning banks, the cory coil, or perfect spiral coil, frequency generators, and potenizers. With a potentizer you can potentize energy, from one thing into another thing, so can be used for other things besides homeopathy, for example, you can add energy to seeds before you plant them, you can potentize rates for things such as health, love, protection, etc into something such as a bracelet or pendant then wear it. If you take a vitamin each day, you can potentize a rate for something you need into the vitamins. For example, if you had a condition, find the rate for that condition and potentize that into the vitamins. You can also use a potentizer to make a broadcast in phase or out of phase. Anyway, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with a radionics instrument, as long as you stick with it and learn about it, if you ever have any questions, drop me a line.


    1. Hi radionicenergy,

      I’m reading the instructions and it seems that I have ground the instrument, I think I found somewhere that it says that I need to ground to the physical ground and not the wall socket is that right, I can’t find where I read that , I was trying to clarify it, if so then I have a problem l live in an apartment block. What simple experiments can I do to see the effects? Can I print a digital photo on paper or do i need a special camera?

      Thanks for all your advice.



      1. You should use a proper ground which is a metal rod driven in the ground with a wire running from the rod to your instrument. That having been said, you live in an apartment so that kind of ground wouldn’t be possible for you. There are a few alternatives, one is the Cory coil, which some people place around their instrument, in place of a proper ground. There is a gentleman in Iowa, Scott Ertl, who makes an indoor ground for people such as you. You can try grounding to a copper water pipe, not ideal, but better than nothing. When getting ready to broadcast with your radionic instrument to anyone other than yourself, dowse the question ” is this broadcast affecting me in any way” the answer should always be no. Also dowse the question ” Is this a suitable ground ” Most of the old school radionics people that used photos as witnesses used Polaroid Instamatic photos, today there is the Instax camera which is similar. In a test done by Kelly Research, they said that digital photos printed on paper were almost as good as the Polaroids, as long as they were taken with a high-quality digital camera. Hope this helps


    2. Hi,

      I will be receiving my Kelly Personal Instrument next week, do you have any advice on which simple experiments to do first and how to do them? I have been looking for instructional videos for beginners can you recommend any?

      Thanks in advance,




      1. A few things you could try, one is to do an analysis sheet on yourself, and see how everything compares to your General Vitality, then try to raise everything that’s good and lower everything that’s bad and see how it affects your G.V. You can plant the same type of seeds in two different flower pots, water them both the same, give them equal amounts of sunshine, but broadcast reagents that raise the GV of one plant, such as lime, fertilizers, calcium, love, The Ho’ponopono, and nothing to the other one, and see which plant grows bigger and is healthier. You could check your GV, and then check the things you eat and drink to see what raises your GV and what lowers it. what raises your GV is good for you what lowers it insn’t good for you. If you haven’t already download the free ebook by Don Mattioda called the “Radionics How-to Manual” available at the KRT website, Don explains a lot of experiments you can try. Hope this helps, and congratulations on your new instrument.


  9. Thanks for this article. As a newbie looking to add radionics to my therapeutic toolkit, I found it both informative and helpful!

    Any chance of writing an article on energy purity? I recently attended a one day seminar and it was mentioned that if the energy purity level of the client was less than 85% then radionics is contraindicated. That raised a lot of questions for me including:

    * what is energy purity actually measuring? (IIRC the instructor suggested that there are different theories as to that, but he suggested karmic influences might be a big component)
    * does it naturally change?
    * is there anything one can to do to increase it?
    * is the energy purity of the practitioner also an issue (in fact is practising radionics contraindicated if his/her energy purity is below 85% or some other level)?
    * in what other ways is energy purity important?

    Thanks for your consideration and for this great blog!


  10. Hi Ed, those are all good questions. I’m not certain what you mean by Energy Purity, there is General Vitality (9-49). I found a rate for purity (84.77-65.84), not sure if it’s the same as what you mean. If it’s energy, I would imagine that we can increase it, if it’s low.


    1. Thanks so much for that! The seminar I attended was on the SE-5, so maybe energy purity is a concept used just by SE-5 users. I’ve noticed there are some SE-5 basic instructional videos on youtube, so I’ll watch them and see if any of my questions are answered that way.

      Also thanks for your reply to my question about static electricity and the SE-5. I don’t see a reply option to click on for your comment, so I’ll reply here (succinctly): ouch!


  11. You are correct Ed, I looked up Energy Purity in a SE-5 instruction manual I have, and the rate for it is 100-0, and it says “Amptitude must be 85 or over, otherwise it is not appropriate to continue…STOP, if the amplitude is 85 or over continue” I must confess I’ve never read this until now in any other book I have on radionics, or never heard anyone say it. It is something I will have to experiment with. Usually with radionics because you are working with energy, if something is low you can broadcast to it and raise it, but they give no instructions for raising Energy purity in the SE-5 manual, they just say not to continue if the amplitude is under 85…interesting.


      1. Thanks for this and I’m glad I helped you find something you find interesting 🙂 (although isn’t all of radionics interesting?!!)

        I am, however, 99.5% sure that in the seminar the presenter said that he was measuring the energy purity of the person whose IDFs he was treating . Of course like, presumably, most people I have been completely sure about things in the past and been wrong, so maybe I am mistaken here. Also presumably there is no reason why one can’t measure the energy purity of both the client and yourself as the practitioner.

        Can I ask who wrote the instructional manual you have and what year it was released in?


  12. In my humble opinion I think it means the energy purity of the operator. If you are worried, over tired, stresses out, angry, you energy purity wouldn’t be up to 85, and they recommend that you don’t do radionics work then. I found that information in a book that originally came with an SE-5 when it was new. It was written in 1989, It is called “SE-5 Biofield Spectrum Analyzer Instruction Manual”


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