Welcome to my website/Blog. I will be sharing information that I’ve learned about Radionics to help people interested in  Radionics get started in the amazing world of Radionics.  Also to help educate people about the value of Vibrational Medicine such as Radionics. That having been said,  I know you can do many things with Radionics  that would be unbelievable to most of the general public, I know because I have done things that amazed me.  While I strongly believe that technologies such as Radionics will be the way the majority of people will be healed of their illnesses in the future, many are being healed with Radionics today, and many more have been over the past 100 years or so since Radionics has been discovered. As much as I believe in radionics I am in no way suggesting that someone who is under a doctor’s care or in need of a doctor’s care take my advice instead of seeing a licensed doctor.  I hope you enjoy this site and you find it helpful ,useful and informative .

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