Energy Meridians and Radionics

The Meridians have been known to traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and are becoming more familiar to people in the Western world through the acceptance of acupuncture.

Meridians are also known as energy channels or energy pathways.  Think of Meridians as streams of energy that supply and energize all of the cells and organs of the body, much the same way as a stream or river that winds through the fields and forests nourishes all of the different species of wildlife, trees, crops etc. When the stream gets blocked by something such as a dam, everything downstream of the dam suffers due to lack of nourishment, in this case, water.


The energy Meridians of the body function in much the same way as the stream in the forest, when one of these energy pathways becomes blocked, some form of an undesirable condition usually follows. What the acupuncturist does is insert needles at certain points in the Meridian system to remove the blockages, which in turn allows energy to flow as it should promote wellnesses.

In radionics we are able to analyze the Meridians, and if needed balance them to optimum condition. Below is an excellent article from the book “Radionics, Book 2, Applied Radionics” .  on the Meridians. The entire book is available as a free download from Kelly Research Technologies HERE






Special thanks to Ed Kelly and all the folks at Kelly Research Technologies for making this information available free of charge.

Miasms and Radionics

After reading the title, you may be asking yourself what is a miasm? It’s certainly not a word used in everyday conversation, actually, most people have never heard the word miasm.

In energy medicine such as radionics, miasms are believed to be behind or the cause of many of the illnesses that plague mankind.  Samuel Hahnemann ( 1755-1843) founder of Homeopathic medicine first coined the term, when he realized that even when the correct dosages of well-chosen remedies from his Materia Medica homeopathy solutions, acute symptoms in the patient would vanish, but good health could not be achieved in some patients. Hahnemann attributed this to a hidden, ongoing underlying condition that he called a “miasm.”

               Samuel Hahnemann

This is a quote from George Kuepper’s book “Radionics, Reality, and Man” an excellent book for anyone interested in radionics available from George at his website here”

” As individuals “come into being” they draw upon both subtle and dense-physical matter of the planet to build bodies. This is a dynamic process. it is known for example that dense physical matter of bodies is “turned over” about every six months. The liver recycles even more frequently (Tansley 1975). The same cycling occurs on subtle levels with the subtle matter.

Since the physical matter of the planet bears a generous load of pollution and negativity, this can find its way into the subtle fields.” (end of quote).

So I guess the above quote means that a lot of garbage gets into the mix when a person is created, which is responsible for miasms which are responsible for a lot of diseases in man.

There are two main types of miasms. acquired miasms and inherited miasms.  Long time exposure to certain toxins can cause acquired miasms.  Certain kinds of vaccines are known to cause miasms. The vaccine may have done its job of curing or preventing another kind of disease, the side-effect is a miasm.  Petrochemical, radiation and heavy-metal are the most prevalent pollutants in today’s world and are known causes of miasms. Also physical or psychological trauma can trigger a dormant miasm into action.

The other type of miasm inherited can be divided into four classes. The Psora, miasm is the oldest form of miasm, it is associated with a multitude of diseases.

The next is the Syphilitic miasm it is associated with venereal diseases.

Sycotic is the next form of miasm it is also a venereal miasm, associated with sexual disorders, also digestive problems and diseases of the joints of the body.

The Tubercular miasm is associated with diseases of the respiratory, system, digestive system, urinary system, and tuberculosis.

Miasms themselves are not diseases in and of themselves, but they make the person with the miasm susceptible to various diseases.  Some believe that cancer is caused by a miasm.

Fortunately for radionic operators, we can check to see if there are any miasms or psoras in our physical or subtle bodies and balance them out.

Here are some rates for miasms taken from the Kelly Rate Book. The entire book is available free of charge at the KRT site

Miasm, Cancer, New or Old Emanation 56.50 56.50
Miasm, Cancer, New or Old Emanation 75.00 41.50
Miasm, Chemical, New or Old 39.50 36.40
Miasm, Cortisone Originated, New or 90.32 23.26
Old Emanation
Miasm, Drug Originated, New or Old 89.22 08.09
Miasm, Drug, New or Old Emanation 43.25 35.50
Miasm, Emotional, New or Old 32.50 47.50
Miasm, General, New or Old 31.50 47.50
Miasm, Heavy Metal, New or Old 91.42 89.53
Miasm, Heavy Metals 39.00 51.90 may cause allergies, fluid retention, inability to
13.25 08.50 assimilate calcium, viral inflammation and excessive
hair loss
Miasm, New Emanation, Emotional, 93.00 49.50
Aurum Met. 200X
Miasm, New Emanation, Focal 87.50 13.25
Disturbance Stress, Thuja 200X
Miasm, New Emanation, Heavy Metals, 68.60 50.80
Mercury Sol. 200X
Miasm, New Emanation, Immune 61.00 04.75
System, Sulphur 200X
Miasm, New Emanation, 75.40 16.00
Petrochemicals, Petroleum 200X
Miasm, New Emanation, Radiation, 96.50 -06.00
Phosphorus 200X
Miasm, New Emanation, Virus, 85.50 60.00
Arsenicum 200X
Miasm, Old Emanation, Carcinosinum 28.50 16.50
Miasm, Old Emanation, Medorrhinum 52.50 52.00




All radionic rates, frequencies, and other information is compiled for historical, energetic, and/or experi-mental agricultural research only and are not intended for use with humans. If medical or mental health


care is needed, please visit a licensed professional.                                       Copyright 2012, KRT, Inc.

Radionics Book 3: Alpha Rates                                         – 368 –                                                                                                    MIA


Patterns of Information Rate Energetic Processes
Left Right
Miasm, Old Emanation, Psorinum 200X 63.00 26.00
Miasm, Old Emanation, Scirrhinum 94.25 18.50
Miasm, Old Emanation, Syphilinum 79.60 30.75
Miasm, Old Emanation, Tuberculinum 40.80 -16.50
Miasm, Old Emanation, Vaccininum 63.00 23.90
Miasm, Parasite Hosting, New or Old 11.50 45.50
Miasm, Petrochemical 49.00 76.75 causes fluid retention, diabetes, infertility,
impotence, miscarriage, hair loss, graying hair,
muscle degeneration, skin blemishes, metabolic
imbalance, blocks assimilation of vitamin K
Miasm, Petrochemical, New or Old 84.35 70.33
Miasm, Planetary, New or Old 81.00 61.55
Miasm, Psora (Drug Suppressed 38.75 00.00 associated with suppressed skin disease, leads to
Disease), New or Old Emanation imbalance in the rhythmic body functions, causes
mental and physical irritation; Freq: 43.3
Miasm, Psora (Drug Suppressed 04.00 100.00 associated with suppressed skin disease, leads to
Disease), New or Old Emanation imbalance in the rhythmic body functions, causes
mental and physical irritation; Freq: 43.3
Miasm, Psora (Drug Suppressed 40.00 91.00 associated with suppressed skin disease, leads to
Disease), New or Old Emanation imbalance in the rhythmic body functions, causes
mental and physical irritation; Freq: 43.3
Miasm, Psora (Drug Suppressed 86.46 90.24 Freq: 43.3
Disease), New or Old Emanation
Miasm, Psora (Drug Suppressed 38.75 100.00 associated with suppressed skin disease, leads to
Disease), New or Old Emanation imbalance in the rhythmic body functions, causes
mental and physical irritation; Freq: 43.3
Miasm, Psychiatric 34.75 97.00
Miasm, Psychotic, Affected by 96.32 90.12
Psychosis, New or Old Emanation
Miasm, Radiation 61.30 49.30
Miasm, Radiation, New or Old 01.20 84.27
Miasm, Radiation, New or Old 42.40 36.40
Miasm, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 52.00 66.00 colloidal silver is effective; Freq: 600.0, 700.0
Gonorrhea, Congenital
Miasm, Sycosis, Gonorrhea 52.00 41.00 encourages congestion in the skin, pelvic region,
joints and digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts;
Freq: 600.0, 700.0
Miasm, Syphalitic 55.75 99.00 has destructive effect on all tissues especially the
bones, cardiac and neurological symptoms are
common, may also appear to be meningitis
Miasm, Syphilis, Acquired 26.40 28.50 has destructive effect on all tissues especially the
bones, cardiac and neurological symptoms are
common, may also appear to be meningitis; Freq:
660.0, 43.3, 600.0, 700.0





All radionic rates, frequencies, and other information is compiled for historical, energetic, and/or experi-mental agricultural research only and are not intended for use with humans. If medical or mental health


care is needed, please visit a licensed professional.                                       Copyright 2012, KRT, Inc.

Radionics Book 3: Alpha Rates                                         – 369 –                                                                                                    MIA


Patterns of Information Rate Energetic Processes
Left Right
Miasm, Syphilis, Found With, Paresis, 20.00 55.00 has destructive effect on all tissues especially the
New or Old Emanation bones, cardiac and neurological symptoms are
common, may also appear to be meningitis; Freq:
660.0, 43.3, 600.0, 700.0
Miasm, Syphilis, Inherited 38.50 29.50 has destructive effect on all tissues especially the
bones, cardiac and neurological symptoms are
common, may also appear to be meningitis; Freq:
660.0, 43.3, 20.0, 600.0, 700.0
Miasm, Syphilitic, New or Old 91.00 84.33 has destructive effect on all tissues especially the
Emanation bones, cardiac and neurological symptoms are
common, may also appear to be meningitis
Miasm, Tubercular 41.75 98.75
Miasm, Tubercular, New or Old 85.12 99.68
Miasm, Tuberculosis, New or Old 42.00 100.00 susceptibility to respiratory circulatory, urinary, and
Emanation digestive problems, cause weight loss, poor
circulation; Freq: 800.0, 43.3
Miasm, Vaccine Originated, New or Old 01.72 55.24
Miasm, Weight, Fat, Implant, To Clear 33.50 34.50
Cell Memory, New or Old Emanation 38.50 39.00

If you find any of these miasms in yourself, balance them out of yourself with your radionics instrument.

Is There A Limit To What Is Possible With Radionics

Theoretically, there probably isn’t a limit. Realistically there probably is. When we use radionics we are using our higher-self, what some call the subconscious mind to tune into infinite intelligence, or what some call God. There is no limit to the ability of our higher-self when we connect with infinite intelligence. The limit is the limit we place on ourselves with our analytical or conscious mind.

Radionics is a relatively new science, being discovered by Dr. Abrams around 100 years ago. In the past century, radionics has been ridiculed, and in some countries outlawed by the establishment, so it hasn’t had the opportunity to grow, and advance as it should have had. It was and in many cases, today, still  “A Secret Art” as Duncan Laurie decided to call his excellent book on radionics.

secret art

It has been proven that radionics does not abide by physical laws, for example, distance does not limit what can be accomplished by radionics. Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus proved that when he monitored astronauts in a space capsule, with his radionic instruments even when they were not able to send conventional signals using NASA’s radio communication system.

The primary use of radionics in the past 100 years has been to analyze and balance illness and undesirable conditions out of animals and humans, and radionics has done that job exceptionally well. Many times after conventional medicine had given up on certain cases as being ‘hopeless”.

Can radionics be used as a “Wishing Machine” or a “Genie in a Lamp”?  In books and movies such as the Secret, the premise is that if you hold a thought of something that you desire in your mind long enough, you will generate enough energy to manifest whatever it is you desire.


When deliberately trying to manifest something as suggested in the book the Secret, our minds wander, we have doubts that what we desire will ever manifest, all of which weakens our energy. In radionics we focus our intention or thought using the radionic instrument. Once the instrument is “set” we turn it on and let it broadcast. It continues to broadcast that desire, thought, intention to the universe until we shut the instrument off.


Is it possible to write out an intention or affirmation put it in the well of the radionics instrument and broadcast to make the thing desired manifest into reality? Or we could use Affirmations that are already in the Kelly Rate Book along with the rates. For example

“I deserve to enjoy life” is  33.25-33.50 or                                                                                 “I picture abundance for myself and others” 40-30

I haven’t really experimented very much with using radionics to manifest what I    desire, but it would certainly be an interesting thing to try.

The books “The Secret Art” by Duncan Laurie and “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne can both be purchased at The Kelly Rate Book is available free at the KRT website at this link.


How Radionics Was More Successfull in Combating the Spruce Budworm Than Chemical Spraying.

The time 1976. The place, a province on the Eastern coast of Canada, New Brunswick.  The problem, many years of infestation and destruction of the province’s forests by an insect known as the spruce budworm.

Spruce Budworm


After many years of spraying insecticide in the forests of New Brunswick, Canada to control the spruce budworm infestation, the infestation had only become steadily worse.

In the beginning of the chemical spray program in the 1950’s DDT was used, DDT may have killed some of the budworms, but it killed many other things too, including the natural predators of the budworm, the birds that ate them. Later on, chemicals other than DDT were used, but the millions of acres of forests were still being ravaged by the budworm, add to this that many people in rural areas, who lived next to forests being sprayed were becoming ill, some especially children even dying. Although no official link had been made between the chemical spraying and the illnesses and deaths.

Spraying Forests with Chemicals



Trees Killed by the Budworm



By the year 1976, it was decided to try something other than spraying chemicals on the forests, which clearly was not working very well. The wealthy Irving family of New Brunswick, who owned saw mills, pulp mills, and either owned or leased hundreds of thousands of acres of forest had already lost a lot of money due to the budworm and stood to lose a lot more if something wasn’t done.

First flights were made over the forests to obtain good aerial photographs of the budworm infested areas.  Squares were marked on some parts of the photos with a red marker. The areas designated by the red squares were not to receive any radionic broadcast, while the unmarked areas would have radionic “treatment”.

One such photo was sent to a radionics operator in Chicago, Illinois many miles away.


The next question was what could be used as a reagent against the budworm. It was decided to use an insect hormone called Juvabione, an insect hormone. Juvabione is known as an ovicide (egg killer). Juvabione is a natural substance secreted by the white spruce trees as a protection against insects. Initially, it was decided to broadcast Juvabione radionically to about 200 trees.

The results were quite stunning. The number of budworms in both the treated and the untreated areas was still the same, but the budworms in the treated areas were no longer eating the trees.  The results of this experiment made radionics look very promising in controlling the budworm problem.

The second experiment in using radionics to control the budworms was to try to ensure the budworm’s eggs would not hatch. To assess the results of this experiment the Canadian Forestry Service egg counts were used. The results on radionically treated blocks of forest were 63, 62, and 97. On the adjacent untreated blocks the counts were 308, 273, 156, 83, 194, 326, 197,511, 163 and 654.  These results combined with the results from the first experiment were very favorable for using radionics to control the budworm problem.

An article was written in  New Brunswick paper detailing how successful the radionic experiments were in treating the budworm problem. Also how these radionic treatments were only a small percentage of the cost of aerial spraying of chemicals, and radionics only targeted the budworm with no ill effects to any other living thing.

As with other stories of this kind of new,  innovative, comparably less expensive, much safer ways of doing things in other parts of the world. The use of radionics to control the spruce budworm in New Brunswick did not have a happy ending.

Fear, disbelief, and mostly greed put an abrupt end to the use of radionics in the forestry industry of New Brunswick. Most people in that part of the world at the time had never heard of radionics, when they heard about the budworm experiments they either didn’t believe them or they thought radionics akin to witchcraft or voodoo.

The main reason for not continuing with radionics in the fight against the budworm was greed. The people selling the millions of dollars worth of chemicals being sprayed on the forests stood to lose a lot of money.  These vested interests had a lot of money and a lot of power. They were able to lobby and convince forestry companies, and governments to abandon radionics in favor of spraying pesticides on the forest. Needless to say, the budworm epidemic continued for many more years.




Getting Rid of Insect Pests in Your Field or Garden With Radionics

Radionics has had a long and successful history of ridding fields, forests, and gardens of unwanted insect pests.  First, there was a company in the nineteen-fifties called UKACO, they got rid of a lot of insects that were eating farmer’s crops in the fields by putting an aerial photo of the field in the radionic instrument after they had painted insecticide all over it.  Their method worked and worked very well. In fact, the farmers didn’t have to pay UKACO if they weren’t satisfied with the results. UKACO had so much success that the chemical companies weren’t selling as much insecticide to the farmers. The Chemical companies conspired with the USDA ( United States Dept. Agriculture) to put UAKO out of business, which they finally succeeded in doing.

Radionics was also used in the forests of Eastern Canada, in the nineteen-seventies, during a very serious spruce budworm infestation, which killed hundreds of thousands of acres of trees. The end result was that using radionics to control the spruce budworm was much more successful and much environmentally friendly than the aerial spraying of pesticides, which had been practiced for years, but what that succeeded in doing was killing the birds that were natural predators of the budworm, leaving them to ravage the forests.

budworm larva


aerial spraying

T. Galen Hieronymus, one of the pioneers of radionics also experimented with killing insect pests using radionics. “He ( T. Galen Hieronymus) knew radionics could be a big help to farmers, especially after he used his radionic instrument to kill corn worms. He selected three ears of corn that the corn worms were busily eating. He isolated the ears of corn so that there was no way for the worms to escape, he then treated the worms for three days. After three days all but one was mush, after another day of treatment that one was mush also.

Today radionics is still used to control insect pests in fields and gardens, but not so much with chemical pesticides as was done by UKACO, but by making the crops in the field healthier and stronger, which makes them more resistant to attack by insects, this is normally done by using organic farming methods. This follows a theory that the insects that eat crops are nature’s garbage collectors, and will avoid a healthy plant, but feed on a weak, unhealthy one. It is also said that today with the use of chemical fertilizers in depleted soils, that much of what is grown is weak and unhealthy therefore prime food for insects.

Ok, so you have a  large field or maybe a small garden and you notice insects eating what you are trying to grow, and you want to use radionics to get rid of the insects…what do you do?

The first thing to do is to get a good photo of the field or garden. Traditionally Polaroid photos have been used because they contain an emulsion in the film, that is very good at capturing and holding the energy of the field, or anything else you take a photo of. Polaroid no longer makes cameras, but another company FUJI, makes a camera and film that is very similar in many ways to the old Polaroids, you can buy these on for about  $50-$60.

Some people say that a photo taken with a good quality digital camera, and printed out on paper works almost as well as a radionic witness as a Polaroid or Fuji Instax photo. Some people have even used photos from Google Earth as radionic witnesses, which they have printed. I guess I’m old fashioned, I prefer to use the tried and true method of using photos I take with an Instax camera.

Another question that arises when taking photos, especially of a field. Do you take the photo with the sun at your back, or facing the sun? There are two schools of thought on this matter.

According to radionic expert George L. Kuepper  who has spent many years using radionics in agriculture, wrote about taking photos of fields for use in radionics with the sun in front of you or at your back in his excellent book ” Plants, Soils, Earth Energy, and Radionics”  

I will paraphrase Mr Kuepper, as the instructions that he gives in his book are quite lengthy. He says that if you want to isolate a certain area such as a field you take the photo with the sun at your back. For example, if you wanted to get a photo of your field and not your neighbour’s fields you would shoot the picture with the sun at your back. On the other hand, Mr. Kuepper states: “There are circumstances where one wishes to analyze and balance non-isolated, extensive crop fields these cannot be captured in a few photos. For example a large wheat field spread over undulating hills would have large portions screened from the photographer’s view, a wind break would also screen part of the view to get around this , practitioners violate a basic rule of good photography and take photos WITH THE SUN FACING THE LENS, this produces a poor photographic image but reinforces the intent of capturing a wider area”

Mr. Kuepper also advises that when fields of crops are being photographed for radionic work, it a good idea not to have people, pets or livestock in the field at the time the photo is being taken.


Now that you have a photo of the field, it’s time to go get some of the insects that you want to get rid of. Get at least 4 or 5 of the same kind of insect from different locations in the field or garden. Put them in a test tube or glass bottle that will fit in your witness well of your radionic instrument.


Now that you have a photo of the field, and a test tube with a few of the insects, you want to cold-scan for the rate of these insects, everything has a rate and we are going to find out the rate for these insects.  Keep notes on everything you do in this process, this is important. First cold-scan the left-hand dial, then the right-hand dial. I forgot to mention this earlier the insects must be alive, dead ones are of no use. 

Once you have cold-scanned and found a rate for the insects, find out the intensity of that rate you have just cold-scanned using your intensity dial. Now check the insects General Vitality. If you have a two-bank instrument put 9-49 on the second bank if you have a one bank instrument put 9-49 on the bank that you have the rate for the insects on, but write down the rate first. You should be writing down all of these rates and intensities.

The next step is very important. Check the General Vitality of the insects, it should be the same as the intensity you got when you checked the intensity of the rate for the insects, ( plus or minus 10) if the numbers are not the same, you have to fine-tune the rate for the intensity of the insects, not the General Vitality rate, but the rate you checked first. Fine-tuning is accomplished by moving the left-hand dial, then the right hand-dial very slightly until the intensity of the rate of the insects equals the G.V  of the insects.

Most radionic instrument dials are divided into eighths or tenths, for example between the number 10 and the number 15 there will be eight or ten small marks, when fine-tuning only the needle from one of those marks to the other at a time and check your intensity, when the intensity equals General Vitality, you have your rates fine-tuned.

mattioda instrument

The next step is to find out the infestation level of the insects in your field. To do this take the test tube with the insects out of the well and put the photo of the field in the well. With the first rate you cold-scanned, the rate of the insects on the bank of the instrument. Turn your intensity dial to find the intensity of infestation. You can re-check this intensity every few days, and if you did everything right, the infestation should steadily decrease.

The next step is to reduce the General Vitality of the insects. Take the photo out of the well, and put the test tube of insects back in.  To lower the insect’s vitality reading, put the General Vitality reading of the insects on the bank of your instrument. How will you lower the insects G.V., with reagents?  What is a reagent? A reagent can be anything that will, in this case, lower the G.V of the insects.

Some of the more common things that have been used as reagents are; tobacco, oregano, cinnamon, alcohol, crushed walnut hulls, red pepper, cedar chips, cedar oil, marigold dried blossoms, marigold pure extract, paint thinner, turpentine, nicotine sulfate. Here is a list of some other things that can be used as reagents.

Some people may use toxic substances in their radionic instruments, such as pesticides, poisons, etc. They will say it’s OK, as long as the poisons are in a tightly capped bottle or test tube, but I do not like broadcasting poisons through my radionic instruments. If you broadcast poisons to your field, everything in the field gets hit with it, animal, birds, people.  but it’s your instrument and your field you can do what you want.

Ideally, you want to get the insects General Vitality down to zero.  I like this part because it lets you experiment with different reagents to see what lowers the G.V the most. There is nothing wrong with using more than one reagent at a time, sometimes you have to use 4 or 5 different ones to lower the insects G.V  significantly. Keep trying different reagents until the insects G.V. drops to zero, or as close to zero as you can get. The closer you can get to zero the more success you will have in ridding the field of the insects. If you can’t get it to zero, at least try to get it below 50.

You’re almost ready to broadcast to the field, but there are a couple more things to do.  Take the insects out of the well and put the photo back in with the reagents that you have selected, and with the rate of the insects on the bank of your instrument, check and see how much the rate of infestation has lowered. It should now be very low, Ideally at zero.

Take the photo out again, put the insects back in.  Now the last step REVERSE THE INSECTS RATE.  Take the rate you cold scanned of the insects ( for example we’ll say it was (36-87). 36 on the left dial and 87 on the right dial). Reverse them. Put 87 on the left dial and 36 on the right dial. like this (87-36).

Make sure the photo, the insects, and the reagents are in the well.

Check appropriateness (100-0) If you get a YES. If you get a NO, something is wrong you shouldn’t broadcast unless you re-check everything and find out what is wrong, and get a YES.  This is only a suggestion, it’s your machine, and your field, do as you like.

Check the time of broadcast. Use your intensity dial for this. If you get a 10, that’s 10 hours, if a 30 it’s 30 hours and so on.” Your radionic instrument should be grounded.  “BROADCAST” This will probably take a few days of broadcasting.

As mentioned above check infestation intensity periodically.  It is also a good idea if before you begin to broadcast that you walk through the field to get an idea how bad the infestation is. Then after a couple of days of broadcasting take another walk in the field to see if there are fewer insects. If after a couple of days, you don’t notice very much of a decrease in the insects. Go out get a few more live insects, and repeat the process from the start. For some reason or other sometimes this process needs to be repeated twice.

Sample Notes



You can also or in addition to the above procedures, go to your local zoo and get some hay or staw from the lion’s cage. take a small bit of this straw with the urine on it, put it in a test tube, and broadcast to any place you are having a rodent problem. I haven’t tried this , but I am told by people that have that it works very well. I would imagine you could use tiger urine soaked staw, if the local zoo didn’t have lions.

We Are Not Physicians

Smiling doctor with tablet at a meeting

We as radionic practioners work with energy, we manipulate energy, focus energy, detect energy, change energy for good, most of the time with very positive results, sometime even unbelievable, miraculous results but we are not doctors, we do not write perscriptions, perform surgey, we do not have diplomas from medical schools on our walls. That having been said there are some doctors that use radionics in their practice with excellent results . If you are one of the doctors that use radionics in a country where it isn’t approved, check your country’s medical association, if you haven’t already ,to find out the legality of using radionics in your practice .

In some countries, radionics is an acceptable form of alternative medicine. The British Isles for example, but in other parts of the world it is frowned upon by the establishment, and you could get yourself into a lot of trouble practicing medicine without a licence. As radioninic practitioners we do not, and we never should practice medice.

One of the basic things we have to learn as radionics practitioners is to not use THEIR words, but instead use OUR words. For example they treat illness in people, we balance energies in people. They cure people, we don’t cure anyone, God, or whatever your name for The Higher Intellegence, Budda, Alla, Mohamed, Infinite Intellegence, The Power That Moves Through All Things, etc. does the work through us, we just channel , focus, and balance energy that already exists, we replace negative energy with positive energy using radionics and intent, not scapels and prescrioption pads, and pills.

Medical doctors treat and in many cases cure symptoms, radionic practioners dig much deeper and find the cause or causes behind the symptom, and work on changing those causes radionically, which also get rid of the symptom.

All the physcial illnesses in the world that doctors treat, are caused by energy blockages, negative energies, all of the sickness begins in the energy realm, which is where a radionic practitioner does his work and therefore can detect an illness in someone long before it manifests enough in the physcial for a medical doctor to detect it.

Never discourage anyone from seeing a medical doctor especially if they have a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

When someone comes to you with a condition, make no diagnosis, claims or interfere with the relationship they have with their physician. Tell them you will do what you can for them, and if you are experienced in radionics, that is usually a lot.